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Amazing Scrap Metal Prices, Its Facts And Practical Advice

How much is a kilogram of steel valued in Australia? Is the number roughly the same for other metals, such as aluminium, copper, and lead? These questions are common among new recyclers who are often confused by fluctuating scrap metal prices in Sydney.

Thankfully, you now don’t have to scour the internet for confusing information. The guide below has everything you need to know!

The Factors That Affect Scrap Metal Prices In Sydney

Have you noticed different scrap metal prices changing each year? This is because recycled metals don’t have a fixed value. Instead, their value is affected by a variety of factors, including:

  • Quality And Amount

Clean copper is generally valued more than mixed copper, and the same goes for other types of metal. This is because cleaner metals lack residue and contaminants, helping the recycler save time and optimise the recycling process. 

Moreover, scrap metal prices will also depend on the amount you sell, much like any other product. For instance, selling 1000 kg of steel is more profitable than just selling 10 kg at a time. 

  • Supply And Demand

The basic rules of economics also apply to the scrap metal industry. For instance, if the supply of recycled steel is low, you can expect its prices to increase. Meanwhile, if the supply is high and the demand is low, its value could quickly decrease.

As a result, if you’re planning to sell your scrap metals in Sydney, try to hold on to them until they are in high demand. Conversely, if you want to buy scraps, it’s best to wait until supply increases. 

  • Time Of Year 

Not many people know that scrap metal prices can change based on the weather and location. For instance, in Sydney, the climate is relatively sunny, with mild winters and warm summers. Thanks to this, the local construction and manufacturing industries thrive, and recycled metals are always in high demand.

  • Prices Of New Metals

Last but not least, scrap metal prices can largely depend on the value of their newer counterparts. This is since the more expensive new metal is, the more manufacturers switch to cheaper, recycled alternatives. 

Ways To Get The Best Scrap Metal Prices In Sydney

Scrap metal prices can change based on external factors; however, you have control over some aspects. For instance, if you want to improve the quality of your scraps and  their value later, here are some things you can do:

  • Separate Your Scraps

Steel has a different price than copper, and the same applies to other types of metal. Therefore, you should avoid mixing two kinds of metals when sending them to a recycler. 

You can separate your scraps first by determining whether they’re ferrous or non-ferrous using a magnet. Then, consider categorising them into their respective types by observing their physical attributes.

  • Clean The Metals

Are your scrap metals part of a large appliance or construction material? They will likely contain residue and other contaminants, all of which you must remove immediately. 

Top recyclers prohibit the sale of dangerous scraps, so make sure your items don’t contain hazardous waste, explosives, radioactive materials, and asbestos. 

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