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Audi Wreckers Sydney


A car is more than a possession; it is an investment both monetary and emotional, especially when it is such a well-known brand as Audi. For some, it might be their first car, or a long-desired wish on the bucket list, which got fulfilled after a promotion or performance bonus. 

Hence, we understand that it might be hard for you to part from your Audi, even though it is old or damaged. However, keeping an unused car on your property is not only a financial liability but also an environmental hazard.

The best way to sort out the situation is to get the car removed by experienced car wreckers in Sydney. That’s where we come in!

Audi Wreckers Sydney - Metal Force Recycling

Welcome to Metal Force Recycling, the leading Audi wreckers in Sydney. If you have an unused, old, damaged, or junk Audi in your possession then we can offer you our esteemed services.

Sell us your car and get a chance to earn up to $9000 in cash. Same-day car removal and free towing included within the service. Call 0403 191 732 and speak with our experts to get all your queries answered.    

Best Car Wrecking Deals in Sydney

Are you skeptical about getting a profitable deal against your unused Audi? Well, our team wreckers in Sydney will make sure that all your doubts and queries are cleared before offering a quote.

We have been in the car wrecking business for years and have the most knowledgeable professionals conduct a thorough analysis of the vehicle before coming up with the best price, keeping a good profit margin for you.

Metal Force Recycling is famous for offering lucrative quotes to clients coming with the proposal of Audi car wrecking in Sydney. No matter the condition or model of your vehicle, we are will buy it for wrecking purposes.

It is an intensive process where every minute detail is taken under consideration while staying flexible to the client’s expectations. Instead of letting the car sit in your garage and rust away, we are ready to offer you up to $9000 in instant cash.

Free Valuation for your Audi by Experts

All car owners that come to use car wrecking in Sydney are offered free valuation without any hidden rebates on the quote or charges. Once you reach out to us for selling you old/damaged/junk Audi:

  1. We get all the car details (model, present condition, etc.).
  2. Evaluate the car.
  3. Offer a quote.
  4. Remove the car from your premises on the same day.
  5. Tow the car free of cost.
  6. Pay you instant cash.

The valuation is conducted by our team of auto industry veterans who have experience with different kinds of cars, including both the old and new models of Audi.

We Buy both Old and New Audi Cars for Wrecking

Are you thinking that the broken down and battered Audi in your garage wouldn’t amount to much? Don’t put a price on it yet! Let our experts run a proper valuation and offer you a quote.

Metal Force Recycling accepts both old and new models of Audi for wrecking. Here is a list of models that we have a history of buying from clients:

  • A4
  • A3
  • A5
  • Q7
  • A1
  • A6
  • Q3
  • TT
  • Q5

However, if you have an Audi model that is outside of the list, feel free to call us up and speak to one of our representatives. Surely, we will be able to cater to your needs.

Metal Force Recycling is not hailed as the most trusted local wreckers for nothing! Our clients are our utmost priority, and we strive to offer them the best car wrecking services in Sydney.

Same Day Removal + Free Towing 

As one of the top Audi wreckers in Sydney, we will never ask you to bring the car to us. On the day that you reach out to us and we offer you a quote, on approval we take information regarding the pick-up location. We will arrive at your premises and tow the Audi of your property.

Same-day removals along with free towing service are included within our services, and we do not charge extra for that. On receiving the car, we pay you instant cash on the spot.    

Are you looking for a reliable car wrecker in Sydney to get your Audi disposed of responsibly? Follow the link to get in touch with the experts.

Call Metal Force Recycling for Car Wrecking

Your search for reliable Audi wreckers in Sydney ends at Metal Force Recycling. Backed by years of experience in car wrecking and car removal services, we have been serving the locals with the best quotes against old and damaged cars. You not only get to earn up to $9000 in cash but we also make sure to get the car towed from your property on the same day free of any cost. Initiate the process by submitting the online ‘Instant Quote’ form and the rest we will take up from there. For any queries give us a call at 0403191732.