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BMW Wreckers Sydney


The tendency of getting emotionally attached to one’s possessions is more common than people usually assume it to be. Attachments as such are perfectly natural.

But there comes a time when you realize that it is time to bid your farewell to these belongings. The best example of this is your favorite old car that’s parked in your garage or driveway.

Irrespective of whether you think it’s too late to get a resale offer on your car, rest easy because we at Metal Force Recycling are eager to get it off of your hands. Even though the car is of no more use for you, the metal that can be extracted from it can be of immense value, and that’s why we wreck cars.

BMW Wreckers Sydney - Metal Force Recycling

Our efficiency and strive to provide you with the best value for your car is what makes us one of the most sought-after wreckers in Sydney. While the amount of cash you will receive for your

car is dependent upon the car’s condition, if yours is in decent condition, it might even bring in as much as $9000!

Usually, the vintage models of BMW cars that are in moderately good condition can get you sizable quotes as such.

What makes us better than others for your BMW car?

While other wreckers will be reluctant to grant you the deserving value for your prized car, we at Metal Force Recycling fall under the rare category of BMW wreckers in Sydney that are inclined to avoid any form of deceit.

We try our level best to aptly compensate for the emotional ordeal that you must be going through, in the form of a befitting quote.

To ensure the proper evaluation of your car, we maintain a strict process. The entire process can be broken down into several elaborate steps.

  • Firstly, the customer is required to answer a few questions relevant to the unused car. The insights obtained from this briefing would help us gauge the present condition of the vehicle.
  • Based on the information received from the owner, a comprehensive scrutiny of the car will follow. As one of the reputed BMW wreckers in Sydney, we take pride in our ability to accurately evaluate a car.
  • With the evaluation now done, the estimate is presented before the owner of the car.
  • We make the pick up at a time that is convenient for them, from a location priorly provided by them.
  • The payout process is initiated at the very instant we receive the car.

With the deal now completed, the car is received at our premises. It is worth mentioning that we don’t resale the car after receiving it from the customer. The car is strictly used for wrecking purposes.

Additional advantageous aspects to the adopted method:

  • A definite procedure improves the efficiency of the process, resulting in you getting the best possible price for your car that too at the
  • Once you have contacted us with a proposal for your car, the only involvement required on your behalf is for providing us with information about the car.
  • Our approach at car wrecking isn’t specific to a particular brand or even a particular model of car. The flexibility enables us to deal with a plethora of car models and cover almost all the cars in existence.

Our efforts to remain the best service providers in the region:

We intend to remain in our pursuit of becoming and maintaining the position of the best BMW wrecker in Sydney!

  • Thoroughly ensuring that the customer has the finest experience and also leave a great initial impression.
  • Recruiting only experts for performing evaluations.
  • The convenience of free-of-cost and same-day removals entices and attracts a major chunk of resellers.

You can also refer to this link for more details on car wrecking services.

Contact Metal Force Recycling

Metal Force Recycling holds the legacy of being one of the most trusted BMW car wreckers in Sydney region with specialization in top auto brands. Once you intimate us with all the car details and personal information online, we will reach out with a profitable quote against your old and damaged BMW car. Our offering of same-day car removals and assurance of zero hidden charges separates us from the rest. If you still have some unresolved queries, feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0403191732.