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Scrap Metal Prices Sydney

AluminiumDomestic | Extrusion$1.00  –  $1.80
BatteryCar | Truck$0.50  –  $0.60
BrassHoney | Swarf$3.00  –  $5.50
CompressorBlack$0.60  –  $0.80
Copper#1 | #2 | #Dom$8.00  –  $11.50
EngineBlack | White$0.25  –  $0.45
LeadHard | Soft$1.50  –  $2.00
MotorElectric | Starter$0.60  –  $1.00
Stainless Steel304 | 316$1.10  –  $1.60

Do you want to get paid in cash for brass scrap? Brass is used in various applications such as decorations, musical instruments, pipes, tubing and electronic items. We pay top dollar for any brass scrap regardless of their size, weight and condition. This dark-gold metal alloy made from copper and zinc can be found in locks, gears, and valves, among other brass fittings.

Brass is known to be a durable, attractive and hygienic metal. That is why this metal is added in the manufacture of surfaces that can be exposed to physical contact. For example, handrails, nickel coins, brass plates, door handles, and more comprise brass metals.

At Metal Force Recycling, we offer:

  • Cash for Mixed Brass 
  • Cash for Coast Brass 
  • Cash for Gun Metal Brass
  • Cash for Brass Swarf
Are you looking to sell brass materials? We offer to buy all types of brass metals. You can rely on our services to provide you with the best cash value for your brass items. Metal Force Recycling offers the highest Cash for Brass metals in Sydney.


Cash for Brass

Mixed Brass (Clean)

Brass that is mixed with other metals or non-metals is called mixed brass. It is commonly found in door handles, bathrooms, bed frames, kitchen taps, bearings, springs and home decor decorations. When recycled brass is melted, it can make objects such as plumbing materials, musical instruments and home decor.

Cash for Brass

Coast Brass (Unclean)

Coast Brass contains a predominant mixture of brass and other red brasses with steel or foreign attachments. Coast brass can be found in water meters and taps with zinc handles, jewellery and other ornaments.

Cash for Brass

Gun Metal

Gunmetal has a deep colour because of its high copper content. It is a type of bronze, an alloy of copper (88%), tin (8-10%), and zinc (2-4%). Gunmetal is found in red brass scrap, machinery bearings, valves and other castings.

Cash for Brass

Brass Swarf

Brass swarf is shavings or debris wastes from manufacturing processes. They are made from any brass that is machined or turned. The Brass Swarf consists strictly of rod turnings and is free of aluminium and manganese.


The following substances and goods are prohibited from your scrap collection and drop-off. These dangerous goods have detrimental risk to the safety of our staff, the property and the environment. Any prohibited material found in your scrap will need to be removed from site or it will be returned.

Please check with our friendly staff at the Weighbridge office if you have any doubts.

Scrap Bin Services


Do you have any questions regarding our services? or whether you have questions regarding what can and can’t be included in your scrap? Please contact our friendly staff for more information and they will be happy to help you.

You can also complete the enquiry form above at the top of the page and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible. For any urgent enquiries, please call 0403191732.