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Get Cash for Cars in Sydney – Top Dollar Guaranteed + Free Removals

Keeping your old car locked up inside your garage? Got a car that is too damaged to be repaired? Why let it go to waste when you can earn fast cash by selling the car for scrap!

Welcome to Metal Force Recycling, your one-stop-shop, for flexible and competitive rates in cash for car offers across Sydney. We will appraise your old and unused car, determining its value and pay you instant cash against it. Whether it is a rusty piece that has retired from its days on the road, or a car that has been smashed in an accident; we will get you the most lucrative deals, up to $9,000

Give us a call for a free quote and allow our car experts to take the rest ahead from there!

Evaluate, Quote, Removal, and Payment – How it Works!

We make it as less of a hassle-free process for our clients as possible. The entire deal gets executed in four simple steps, as follows:

  •     Evaluate – When the client approaches us, we conduct a survey online or over the phone to assess the condition of the car, and its make and model.
  •     Quote –Assessing the condition of the car we offer a quote to the client. It is an amount that we are ready to pay for the car.
  •     Removal –Once the client acknowledges the quote, we remove the car.
  •     Payment –We pay instant cash on-spot while you hand the car over to us.

We ensure that you get some fast cash while making the much-needed room in your backyard or garage. With the cash, you can fill-up space, buying a new ride.

Sell Old Car For Cash - Metal Force Recycling

Cash for unwanted cars near me

Many of our clients have approached us from different parts of Sydney with old vehicles. As leading scrap metal buyers, we offer cash to remove the following:

  • Cash for JUNK cars
  • Cash for SCRAP cars
  • Cash for DAMAGED cars
  • Cash for UNWANTED cars
  • Cash for OLD cars

We have a Sydney-wide cash for cars wreckers reach for all customers who wish to sell their old, junk, damaged, scrap, & unwanted cars at premium rates.

Fast Cash in Exchange for Old and Damaged Cars in Sydney

How much you earn from selling a used car depends on its condition and functionality. Failing in either makes a car worthless in the resale market. But not when you are doing business with Metal Force Recycling. We run on the only policy of instant cash for old & damaged cars in Sydney. Our focus remains solely on getting our clients the best deals in the industry.
It is more profitable than selling the car to a re-seller, as we pay by evaluating the metal that can be retrieved and not the whole car. We wreck for scrap and pay for the parts that can be salvaged. Metal Force Recycling is just the one you need to make a profit out of your old and damaged car.

We Buy Junk, Scrap, Damaged & Old Cars at top cash!

Best ‘Cash for Car’ Deals Guaranteed

Sydney has no shortage of car removal services, but Metal Force Recycling is the only one that can guarantee the best deals. We take pride in our team of industry veterans who have a keen eye for assessing a car. They have a vast knowledge regarding automobiles owing to the years of experience in the field.

We consider every aspect of the car when running an assessment, offering you the best deals. The cash amount may vary as per the car condition, yet we make sure to get you a profitable exchange. Reach out to us with a ‘sell car for cash’ proposition to make maximum profits.

Earning cash for cars from dealers versus scrap metal buyers

A scrap metal merchant or private car buyers such as Metal Force Recycling will ensure a high cash value. One cannot expect the same from a car dealer who sells cars at reasonably low exchange rates. They have certain conditions and other departments to cover finances gained. Therefore, you land up getting paid way less than expected for your vehicle.

You may also incur losses as your repair your junk car in order to sell it at a higher price. This is because some damages are costlier to bear than buying a new vehicle.

However, when you sell your junk car to a scrapyard company, you stand to get a higher pay. Reasons are that you don’t have to bear any repair or maintenance costs. Your scrap vehicle will be accepted regardless of its condition or brand.

cash for junk cars

Why Sell Your Car To Metal Force Recycling?

Here is why you should choose us over any other car removal company in Sydney without a doubt:

FREE Towing Services

We bring you same day towing at absolutely no cost. If you prefer a specific date and time, we’ve got you covered so there’s no need to worry because we’re available 24/7. Just contact us on 0403191732 or fill out our online form to get an instant quote. Our experienced tow truck drivers are capable of removing vehicles from any position even if the car is not running or is in a parking lot.

Licensed And Insured

Metal Force Recycling wreckers are fully licensed and insured car removal company who provides customers with the best offer for unwanted and old cars. Our staff and tow truck drivers are professionals in their field so you have absolutely nothing to worry about as we come to you and offer you instant cash of up to $9,000 or other payment methods you prefer.

Cash Offer Of Up To $9,000 On The Spot

We strongly believe in providing you the value you deserve. If you sell your old car for cash to Metal Force Recycling, you can expect our car appraisers to effectively calculate highly accurate and top-notch prices. Our offers are as high as $9,000 or even higher depending on the make, model and condition of your vehicle. Just give us a call to find out the amazing cash offer we provide you and then schedule your car pick up whenever you like.

Some of Our Service Locations

We provide top cash for cars in Sydney and surrounding regions with free same day car removal services. Some of our top service locations are:

Call Us Today – You Won’t Regret It!

Hurry and call us today to receive a quote within minutes of calling and you can walk away with possibly $9,000 in your pocket. That can pay for a vacation! You don’t want to miss this opportunity so, call us on 0403191732 or fill in our online form.

Trustworthy And Reliable Cash For Cars Buyer

If you are an environmentalist, you would know how hard it is to say goodbye to stuff, especially when you know the damage it may cause to the environment. However, some things are crucial to getting rid of at the right time, or you may contribute to the car to footprint unconsciously. An unwanted car is one of those things. So, get your unwanted car booked with the best cash for cars wreckers in Sydney.

We are an AUTHORISED PRIVATE CAR BUYER that can help to clear your reservations with the car wreckage process. Our whole process is designed following all the safety standards to make sure that we handle everything using eco-friendly practices. We buy the cars for sale in Sydney at the best value and take the responsibility of wrecking each of them on the greenway!

We repurpose, recycle, and dispose of each part of your car so carefully that we have successfully earned the reputation of one of the best private car buyers in Sydney. We are a registered and certified car dealer that accepts cars and vehicles of all makes and models regardless of the current condition. You buy all cars for sale in Sydney and then wreck them in the most eco-friendly way to keep the environment safe while stocking up on the spare parts for reselling.

So, whether you have an unwanted car you no longer need or need spare parts for a car, you can contact us for the most impeccable services.


You need to show your photo ID and vehicle registration documents to sell your old car. 

The assessment takes around 30 minutes, and we offer same-day removals and payment on the spot. 

Depending on the condition of the car and its parts we offer up to $9000 in instant cash. 

We can guarantee you more profits against an old car that you will hardly get at a car dealer. 

Since we are a removal company, we do accept cars without keys,  but in that case, the payment will be less.

Since we are a removal company, we do accept cars without keys,  but in that case, the payment will be less.

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Darling Harbour
Dawes Point
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Elizabeth Bay
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