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Scrap Metal Prices Sydney

AluminiumDomestic | Extrusion$1.00  –  $1.80
BatteryCar | Truck$0.20  –  $0.35
BrassHoney | Swarf$3.00  –  $5.50
CompressorBlack$0.40  –  $0.70
Copper#1 | #2 | #Dom$7.00  –  $10.00
EngineBlack | White$0.35  –  $0.65
LeadHard | Soft$1.00  –  $1.50
MotorElectric | Starter$0.40  –  $0.70
Stainless Steel304 | 316$0.60  –  $1.10

Do you have a couple of copper materials hanging around without a clue about them? Check the belt buckles, cufflinks and bracelets you no longer need. Why not collect the loose copper wires, motor parts, roofing, and other piping that’s been asking for your attention? There are several copper items hidden in plain sight. It’s easy to find them once you know about the appliances and equipment that contains copper.

We are your top-notch copper scrap buyers, ready to pay top dollar regardless of the size, weight and condition. Are you tired of simply throwing away scrap metal when you can be earning from them? Isn’t it high time that you find the right and authentic metal scrap buyers in your locality? Look no further; Metal Force Recycling is a well-established, reliable and professional copper scrap buyer. 

At Metal Force Recycling, we offer:

  • Cash for Shiny Copper
  • Cash for Copper Insulated High-Grade Wire 
  • Cash for Copper Insulated Low-Grade Wire 
  • Cash for Fridge Compressors
  • Cash for Copper Number 1 
  • Cash for Copper Number 2 
  • Cash for Copper Domestic
  • Cash for Electric Motor
Reusing scrap copper means saving loads of energy wasted in extracting processes. Fresh copper from natural reserves need not be mined as copper recycling is proving itself worthy enough. Recycling a ton of copper uses 15% of the energy and fuel used in extraction methods. So, it’s only wise to use recycled copper rather than using up the earth’s natural reserves. Metal Force Recycling offers the highest Cash for Copper in Sydney.


It is time to declutter your home/office by getting rid of all the scrap copper with the help of the best recyclers in town – Metal Force Recycling! Guess the exciting part? You will get cash in your pocket! Isn’t that exciting? Get in touch with our team right away to find out the copper scrap price and get your scrap valued! We will buy the scrap from you at the best value and pay you cash on the spot. Don’t you think this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the scrap you have been neglecting for so long now? Get it all valued and schedule a free pick up services with us and get it all out of your property and sight once and for all. Don’t miss out and get copper scrap price today!

Although the prices of different scrap metals, particularly copper, keep fluctuating. However, Metal Force Recycling ensures to bring you the top paying offers for your scrap copper, depending on the current market rate.

It is the best idea to use our ONLINE PRICE GUIDE for getting an idea of your copper scrap price and get an instant free quote as well. We bring you guaranteed highest paying offers that you will not get anywhere else in the Sydney. So go ahead and visit our website to calculate an estimated price for your scrap, or call us directly, and we will help you schedule the scrap pick up at the earliest!


Cash for copper shiny

Copper Shiny (Bright Copper)

Considered the most valuable copper metals, the bare bright or shiny copper is found in building constructions. It is located inside thick electrical cables and machine parts like motors or transformers. The bright shiny copper will earn you’re a higher price than any other type of copper. If you want to sell this copper to scrap, you can get maximum money out of it by stripping any unwanted materials. For instance, strip off the insulation, remove the paint, other impurities or signs of tarnishing.

copper 1

Copper Number 1

Copper Number 1 tubing is the highest rank of scrap copper tubing sold to scrappers. Copper Number 1 tubing is visually shiny. It will not have any green tinge, dirt, grease, or grime. It is typically used in plumbing pipes and water line pipes.

copper 2

Copper Number 2

Copper Number 2 comes with impurities such as solder joints, paint, or tar. You will also find them in copper windings from electric motors and transformers with impurities. Copper Number 2 tubing does not have a shiny look. It looks old in appearance with dirty solder joints. AC lines, water lines, and plumbing have typical use of copper number 2.

cash for copper domestic

Copper Domestic

Copper Domestic is found in plumbing equipment, building sites, and kerbside collections. It also comprises of copper piping and brass fittings like taps, elbows, and attachments. Copper domestic pipes may have soldered joints with brass fittings. Also, this form of metal normally has 88% copper content, while some companies may not allow as much. The more the content, the more you can earn when you sell it to scrap.

copper wire high

Copper Insulated Wire (High Grade)

Insulated copper wire is primarily used in commercial applications like underground wiring and electrical panels. This type of copper is classified as MCM as it has 85% of copper content and 15 % insulated jacket. 

copper wire low

Copper Insulated Wire (Low Grade)

Low-grade copper insulated wire has 30% copper. It will have multiple insulated wires placed within a more significant insulated case. The insulation present is typically more in density as compared to the copper content. Another low grade insulated copper is jelly wire and harness wire. These types of wires are used as underground communication wire for large telecommunication companies. Additionally, copper insulated harness wire is used as connectors in automobiles, boats, planes, and other heavy equipment.

electric motor

Electric Motors

At Metal Force Recyclers, we scrap all kinds of electronic motors. These could include industrial fans, blowers and pumps, machine tools, power tools, welders, washing machines, clothes dryers and more. Other miscellaneous motor assemblies, too, may contain armatures with copper windings. 

fridge compressor

Fridge Compressors

The steel shell present in compressors contain copper windings that you can remove to sell to scrap. These compressors are found in air conditioning units, refrigerators, and freezers.

The following substances and goods are prohibited from your scrap collection and drop-off. These dangerous goods have detrimental risk to the safety of our staff, the property and the environment. Any prohibited material found in your scrap will need to be removed from site or it will be returned.

Please check with our friendly staff at the Weighbridge office if you have any doubts.

Scrap Bin Services


Do you have any questions regarding our services? or whether you have questions regarding what can and can’t be included in your scrap? Please contact our friendly staff for more information and they will be happy to help you.

You can also complete the enquiry form above at the top of the page and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible. For any urgent enquiries, please call 0403191732.