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Cash for Damaged Cars In Sydney


Sell Your damaged cars For Cash at Metal Force

Most people think that they can barely make something out of a damaged car. But at Metal Force, you can sell your trash for a treasure. Yes, you heard it right! Now you can get cash for damaged cars in Sydney. Sell your damaged cars at Metal Force Recycling and get up to $9,000 upfront in cash!

Accidents don’t come knocking at your door. No one can predict mishaps on the road, but one thing that you can predict is getting a good amount even after you wreck your car. Whether you meet with an accident or your car has been damaged over time, you can always sell your car for cash. Repairing your vehicle will cost you nearly as much as getting a new one. 

So better sell old car for cash and get a new one with the selling price that we offer at Metal Force. 

Metal Force Recycling offers you top rates for any type of vehicle that you want to sell. You can make up to $9,000 for your damaged cars and the selling price is inclusive of the pickup rates. Why? Because we also offer free pickup and removals. 

Our professionals at Metal Force Recycling, ensure that our customer experiences remain unparalleled. To make your selling experience seamless, we take care of all the paperwork and removal. All you need to do is to get in touch with us, and the rest of the work will be done by our skilled experts! 

Sell Damaged Car For Cash - Metal Force Recycling

Why do you need to sell a damaged car?

Selling a car becomes necessary when your car is junk. When it is damaged completely, the repairing costs are going to be higher than the current value of the car. In such circumstances, it makes sense to sell the car rather spending a fortune on it. 

Besides, selling is convenient as well. When you repair a vehicle, you just don’t have to rush to the garage every now and then, but you also have to think about authentic spare parts and stuff. If you have met with an accident or the car has caused the demise of any beloved person, then the emotional damage also becomes a huge burden.

You can always sell your car to cut down the maintenance and repair costs, or to avoid physical or mental strains. Even if you can’t find a single company that offers you a fair amount of cash for damaged car in Sydney, we will do. 

Apart from Damaged Cars, we also buy Junk cars, Scrap Cars and Unwanted Cars for top cash.

How does it work?

  1. Tell us about your vehicle. Provide the year, model and make of your car so that we can get you the best and most accurate offer. Also, don’t forget to specify your location because we cater to all areas of Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Newcastle. 
  2. Then we make you an offer right away. If you like the quote complete the form for a no-obligation estimate and we can move to the next step.
  3. In the next step, we get your damaged car removed for free. When you accept our offer, we schedule a convenient time and date for pickup.
  4. We pay top cash on damaged & junk cars. Once the car is loaded, you pay you cash and you bid adieu to your damaged & junk car. 

Why Metal Force Recycling? 

Whether your car doesn’t serve the purpose as it doesn’t run anymore, your car has been wrecked in an accident, or you are just tired of your old car sitting on your lawn, we pay cash for damaged cars in Sydney and you can sell old car for cash at Metal Force Recycling. 

Several reasons make us the leading car buying networks in the country. Some of these are listed below: 

  • We take pride in our flexibility 
  • A convenient alternative
  • We offer the best rates that you can get