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Cash for Junk Cars Sydney


Lucrative Offers on Cash for Junk Cars in Sydney

If you have a junk car in your backyard, the smarter choice is to turn it into a means for fast cash. The metal and the parts can be dismantled and sold off, offering an instant payout opportunity for the owner.

Metal Force Recycling is the leading junk car buyer removal company in Sydney known for its profitable offers against used, junk and damaged cars. If you have a junk car in your possession, we will take it in our hand and pay you instant cash in exchange. Our team of experts will appraise the car to make out its value and offer flexible quotes to the clients. We will turn your old car into scrap and recycle it for future use. Metal Force Recycling does not repair and re-sell cars. We specialize in car wrecking, with free removals, enabling you to earn up to $9,000 cash against the old & junk car.

What makes us the Best Used Junk Car Buyers? 

Metal Force Recycling has been in the business of offering cash for junk cars in Sydney for many years. The decades of dedicated service has earned us the status of being the most reliable service provider of all. We offer:

  • Instant cash payments against junk cars
  • An opportunity to earn up to $9000
  • Same day appraisal, payment, and removal of junk cars
  • Fast appraisal and flexible quotes
  • Free junk car removal services
  • Simple process with the minimal hassle of documentation
  • Adherence to all legal compliances associated with junk car removal
  • No hidden charges

We also follow a strict protocol abiding by the environmental laws, for car removals and recycling. Contact our experts by dialling 0403 191 732 for more details regarding our service.

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Junk Car Removal for Cash – Step by Step Process

Metal Force Recycling offers a seamless and hassle-free process, putting the client’s convenience as a priority. If you have a car that has become a maintenance liability due to poor performance beyond repair, then we have just the solution for you. It’s a simple process, which entails assessing the value of the junk car, followed by pick-up and removal, along with instant cash payment. Here’s a break down for your reference:

  1. Once we are approached by the client a swift survey is conducted either online or over the phone.
  2. We will ask you a few questions to assess the condition of the car.
  3. The client is offered a quote for junk car removal.
  4. Once the amount is agreed upon by both parties, we send our removal experts to your place.
  5. Our agent pays you instant cash after the car has been handed over.
  6. The junk car is towed from your premises.

The whole process starting from car appraisal to removal is executed at your convenience. We have designed the protocol keeping the client’s comfort in mind.

Best Quotes against Junk Cars in Sydney 

The first mistake that clients commit is trying to sell the junk off to a reseller. It neither gets the desired amount and in most cases, the deal falls through due to the car’s poor condition. That’s why we recommend our clients to sell any old or damaged car off as junk or scrap to get the metal’s worth of cash. The amount that we will offer you will be more lucrative, allowing you to utilize it for buying a new ride.

Metal Force Recycling is the leading used junk car buyers in and around Sydney. We are known to offer the best quotes against junk cars in the region. Our experienced team consists of professionals with adequate knowledge and experience in car assessment. They ensure to go through every minute detail while surveying the car’s condition, enabling us to offer the best quotes. We strive to provide the best “cash for junk cars near me” service so that our clients can profit from their junk car deals.

Free Same Day Removals of Junk Cars

Once the deal is sealed, you don’t have to worry about transporting the vehicle to our shop. Our free car removal services are included in the package. With Metal Force Recycling clients get to leverage same day removals without any extra charge.

We will reach your premises and remove the junk car. Once the car is in our possession, we will pay you instant cash on the spot. While towing the car of your property, we ensure to maintain absolute safety so that no damage is caused in the process.  

Apart from Junk Cars, we also buy Scrap cars, Damaged Cars and Unwanted Cars at top cash.