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Scrap Metal Prices Sydney

AluminiumDomestic | Extrusion$1.00  –  $1.80
BatteryCar | Truck$0.20  –  $0.35
BrassHoney | Swarf$3.00  –  $5.50
CompressorBlack$0.40  –  $0.70
Copper#1 | #2 | #Dom$7.00  –  $10.00
EngineBlack | White$0.35  –  $0.65
LeadHard | Soft$1.00  –  $1.50
MotorElectric | Starter$0.40  –  $0.70
Stainless Steel304 | 316$0.60  –  $1.10

We are exposed to trace amounts of lead every day, in and around the house, and where we work. Lead is believed to be the oldest metal on earth. It is one of the most commonly used metals throughout the world. About 85% of lead is utilized in making batteries, and all of it is recycled. This heavy metal is toxic. It can contaminate water and negatively impact the environment.

At Metal Force Recycling, we offer:

  • Cash for battery lugs
  • Cash for auto batteries
  • Cash for back up batteries 
  • Cash for steel case batteries
  • Cash for forklift batteries
  • Cash for soft and hard lead 
  • Cash for mixed lead 
  • Cash for lead wheel weights 
  • Cash for lead solder scrap
  • Cash for other lead
Do you have a bunch of lead batteries that you haven’t thrown out yet? Maybe wheels and soldered items are still collecting dust in your garage. How about selling these items to earn a high cash payment? Metal Force Recycling offers the highest cash for lead in Sydney.


cash for lead

Lead Mixed

A soft and heavy lead metal consists of clean lead solids and lead shots. They are poisonous for human consumption, having fatal effects on babies and young children. Lead is commonly used in piping, bullets, all kinds of batteries, and weights, etc.

cash for lead battery

Lead Batteries

Lead batteries can deliver short bursts of high power to start an engine, so they are used in cars. These batteries are also used for generating power at low, steady levels. Hence, lead is used in batteries for starting or deep cycle power. If you have a boat, trolling motors, winches or lights, you can remove the batteries and sell them to scrap if they are not needed for further use.


The following substances and goods are prohibited from your scrap collection and drop-off. These dangerous goods have detrimental risk to the safety of our staff, the property and the environment. Any prohibited material found in your scrap will need to be removed from site or it will be returned.

Please check with our friendly staff at the Weighbridge office if you have any doubts.

Scrap Bin Services


Do you have any questions regarding our services? or whether you have questions regarding what can and can’t be included in your scrap? Please contact our friendly staff for more information and they will be happy to help you.

You can also complete the enquiry form above at the top of the page and one of our friendly staff will contact you as soon as possible. For any urgent enquiries, please call 0403191732.