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Cash For Scrap Cars Sydney


Metal Force Recycling – Most Trusted Scrap Car Buyers in Sydney

Cars that have broken down either due to extensive damage or age can become a headache for the owner. Those can neither be sold to a reseller nor repaired. But you can always sell it as scrap and earn some cash.

Welcome to Metal Force Recycling. We are the most trusted scrap car buyers in Sydney, offering instant cash and free removals. Old or damaged cars can be salvaged for metal and parts and then recycled to sell off to respective industries. It is an eco-friendly car recycling solution that is profitable to the owner as well. 

Metal Force Recycle is the leading business in and around Sydney involved in scrap metal and metal recycling. For years, we have been helping people in the region earn from their old and rundown cars. These vehicles otherwise would have rusted away in the backyard or the garage. Why let it go to waste when we can recover the usable metal and recycle it for further use. 

To sell scrap cars in Sydney at competitive prices, dial 0403 191 732, and book a quote today!

Scrap Cars Sydney- Metal Force Recycling

How Metal Force Recycling Operates – From Appraisal to Payment 

Selling scrap car in Sydney in return for cash! As complicated as it may sound, Metal Force Recycling offers a very smooth and seamless process of getting your old car appraised. Accordingly, we pay cash for the scrap metal. Here is a breakdown of how we operate:

  • The client reaches out to us requesting a quote for his/her scrap car.
  • We run an assessment of the vehicle by reviewing its attributes.
  • Deciding on a quote, we pass it on to the client.
  • If they agree on the amount, then we follow-up by settling on a time for pick-up.
  • As per the convenience of the client, we pick up the scrap car.
  • After taking possession of the car, we pay instant cash to the client.

It is the easiest scrap car Sydney  deal that you will ever experience, devoid of too many formalities. Just some minimal documentation, a fast appraisal, and you end up with a good amount of cash for scrap cars Sydney.

We Buy Scrap Cars of All Make and Model

Metal Force Recycling scrap car buyers accepts a different variety of vehicles in diverse make and model. Starting from a small car to a truck or even a bus, we buy everything. People usually approach us to sell sedans, 4X4’s, SUVs, pick-up trucks, trucks, busses, and more.

We have no set eligibility criteria when choosing the make and model of a vehicle. Since we are buying it as scrap metal, all brands of cars are accepted. Some of the notable brands that we had bought in the past are:

  • Skoda
  • Toyota
  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Mitsubishi
  • Kia
  • Chevrolet
  • Volkswagen, etc.

If you have a car or vehicle of any other make and model, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will surely come up with a flexible quote for the scrap cars in Sydney to benefit you.

Top Dollar Guaranteed for Scrap Car in Sydney

Metal Force Recycling specializes in wrecking old and damaged cars for cash, offering great cash for scrap cars & scrap metal Sydney. Working for years, across Sydney we have earned the repute of providing the best quotes to car owners for scrap. 

Our team of experts never misses out on even the minutest of details, assessing every aspect of the vehicle to come up with a quote. We strive to offer you the best possible quote for your junk car.

You can compare the quote with our competitors in the market, as we can vouch for being the best in the industry. For instant cash payout, reach out to us today!  

Same Day Scrap Car Removal for Free

We will never ask you to transport the car to our scrap yard. Free car removals are included within our ‘cash for scrap metal’ service. On the day that you reach us, once the quote is decided we will reach out to you to get a time and details of the place of pick up.

At the pre-decided time, we will reach your premises and tow the car safely without causing any damage to your property. It saves you the hassle and expense of transporting the scrap car to our location. Before towing the car away, we will pay you the amount in cash.

Apart from Scrap Cars Sydney, we also buy Junk cars, Damaged Cars and Unwanted Cars at top cash.

Contact Us Today

For details feel free to call us any time any day, at 0403 191 732. Our experts will be happy to answer all your queries.