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Cash for Scrap Metal: It’s Not As Difficult as You Think!

Do you have a bunch of unused metal lying around in your garage? Don’t wait until it finally yields to rust. You can sell it for a hefty sum instead! Cash for scrap metal services are waiting to get their hands on these materials, so it’s time to call your local recycler!

The Benefits Of Cash For Scrap Metal Services

Recycling is an essential aspect of any industry, regardless of what materials you deal with. Plastic recycling, for instance, can prevent bags, straws, and bottles from ending up in the ocean. When it comes to scrap metals, recycling is all the more essential for preserving natural resources:

  • Recycled aluminium saves up to 92% of energy
  • Recycled copper saves up to 90%
  • Recycled steel saves up to 56%

In addition, metal recycling is much safer for the environment than mining or processing virgin ore. It prevents physical scars on wild habitats, groundwater pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

How To Get Top Cash For Scrap Metal

Here’s some excellent news for you: Earning cash for your scraps is much easier than you may realise! You can complete the process in a single day. Below is a quick look into what you should do:

  • Prepare Your Scrap Metals

Before you can earn cash for metals, you must prepare them accordingly. This means separating them into two categories: ferrous and non-ferrous. Simply put, the former will stick to a magnet, while non-ferrous metals like copper and lead are not magnetic.

Once you’ve sorted them into their respective types, it’s time to clean your metals. Most recyclers will require you to clean them anyway, so this step will help you save some time.

If your scraps have any glass, wood, or concrete, make sure to remove them beforehand. Avoid selling metals contaminated by toxic chemicals, oil, or dirt to ensure the safety of your recycler.

  • Get To Know The Prices Of Scrap Metal

Scrap metal prices will change depending on the local demand and quantity. And if you want to score top cash, you’ll need to be familiar with the market. Additionally, it can vary according to the material’s rarity.

In Sydney, stainless steel is value about $1.60/kg, while copper is more valuable at $11.50/kg.

  • Call A Trusted Metal Recycler

Your last and most crucial step is finding a reliable recycler who can offer you the best cash for scrap metal services. Luckily, you don’t have to look too far. Metal Force Recycling has everything you need to seal the deal!

You Can Call Us At 0403 191 732 And Proceed To The Following Steps:

  • Provide your name, contact details, and pick-up location to get a free quote
  • Determine your scrap type and estimated weight
  • Wait for our professional recyclers to arrive at your location
  • Receive your cash on the same day!