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Copper Scrap Metal Prices Sydney: Which Parts Of A Car Can Go For Copper Scrap?

Did you know that copper was the first-ever metal to be worked by humankind? It even gave birth to the Bronze Age. The material is widely used in various industries, and thanks to its high demand, you can get excellent copper scrap metal prices in Sydney. It has high electrical and thermal conductivity, making it the perfect material for vehicle manufacturing.

Car Parts That Can Sell For Outstanding Copper Scrap Metal Prices In Sydney

Copper Can Be Found Everywhere—From Your Phone’s Charging Cable To Your Roof. In Fact, Your Car Is Likely Made Up Of Several Copper Parts:

  • Braking System

Copper is highly treasured in luxury vehicle manufacturing. For instance, you can find this metal in Aston Martin, Audi, Volvo, and Porsche’s braking systems!

  • Gearbox

Unlike most metals, copper alloys do not wear down quickly. Moreover, they avoid sticking to the surface of other materials, giving them an incredible bearing capacity. This is why copper is widely used in vehicle gearboxes to provide the necessary support.

  • Electronics

If there’s one thing copper is most known for, it’s its high electrical conductivity. Because of this, the material is essential for developing vehicle electronics such as pressure sensors and braking systems.

  • Heat Exchangers

Copper also has high thermal conductivity, allowing it to transfer heat efficiently. This property makes copper suitable for heat-exchanging systems including your vehicle’s radiator.

Scoring The Best Copper Scrap Metal Prices In Sydney

Aside from copper, you can find a variety of metals in your car, such as steel, aluminium, and lead. But it’s much easier to get your hands on copper and sell it for a high value.

Top Recycling Centres Can Offer You A High Price Per Kilogram, Depending On The Scrap Quality. Plus, You Can Further Increase The Prices Of Your Copper By Following These Tips:

  • Separate your copper scraps into various containers. Use a magnet to make the task easier. Copper is non-ferrous, which means it won’t stick! In addition, consider getting to know the different types of copper: Number 1, Number 2, Shiny, and Domestic.
  • Clean your copper before sending it to a recycling centre. It’s best to remove any glass, wood, and concrete from the material, ensuring that your scraps will be accepted.
  • Avoid selling scraps that contain dangerous substances. For example, copper with traces of corrosive liquids, asbestos, and poison will be declined by most recyclers.
  • Measure your scrap’s weight accurately. You can find recycling facilities with their own weighbridge services to ensure you are paid the fairest prices.

Once you’ve completed these steps, contact Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732! We can offer you the best copper scrap metal prices in Sydney on top of an instant quote and free pick-up services.