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Holden Wreckers Sydney


General Motors might have stopped the manufacture of Holden cars, but if you have an old one in your garage, which you want to sell, we will be happy to make your acquaintance. 

Metal Force Recycling is one of the few Holden wreckers in Sydney, offering lucrative quotes against old and damaged models.

The quotes are the same as any other car brand that’s still in production. Our team evaluates the car’s condition and then offers a price that could go up to $9000.

We value the salvageable metal above the make, model, and condition of the vehicle. Those aspects are assessed only when we are determining the quote. 

Our team of experts and support cell is at your service, always ready to answer your queries on car wrecking. Feel free to reach out to us at 0403 191 732.  

Car Evaluation, Pick-up, and Payment all done in Same Day

Metal Force Recycling follows a very straight-forward, transparent, and swift process when making deals of car wrecking in Sydney.

For years we have been adhering to our protocol of evaluation, pick-up, and payment protocol, making the process as hassle-free as possible for our clients.

Hiring us as your auto wreckers in Sydney, here is a brief breakdown of what you get to experience. 

Holden Wreckers Sydney - Metal Force Recycling
  • You will state a few details regarding the car as per the questionnaire provided by us. 
  • We refer to the details when deciding the value of the car.
  • Our team will enquire about the registration and ownership proof of the car. 
  • Once all the facts are in place, and we have decided on a price, you will be informed of the same. 
  • Once you agree to the price quote, we will get further details like the time and location of the pick-up. 
  • After the Holden car is in our care, we pay you the cash up-front.
  • At the end of the deal, the car gets towed off your property free of cost

From car evaluation to payment and removal, everything is executed on the same day. However, if a client asks us to reschedule the car pick-up, we can accommodate that as well.  

Earn from Wrecking your Old Holden Car

A lot of car owners reach out with concerns about getting the right price for their Holden auto. While resellers and other businesses might lower the price point since the car is no longer in production, we do not discriminate on such grounds. 

Whether you have an old car, damaged vehicle, or one that’s no longer available for buying, we will offer you up to $9000 irrespective of all that.

Our team judges the value of a car by its condition. So rest assured that Metal Force Recycling wreckers will offer you the most lucrative cash price for your Holden car in Sydney.   

You can conduct a comparison with our peers, and we will come up as the headliner. No wonder when searched “wreckers near me”, Metal Force Recycling is among the service providers. 

Eco-Friendly Wrecking 

Did you know that keeping an unused car in possession is defying the environmental norms? It leaves a carbon footprint, and the chemicals seeping from the battery and engine can cause pollution. By hiring us as Holden wreckers in Sydney, you get to save the environment. 

We play our part as well, by following all the statutes while wrecking and recycling the vehicle in our yard. 

Want to talk to our personnel to take your car wrecking deal forward? Have queries in mind regarding our services? Click on the link and find the relevant details.

Call us to sell your Holden Car

Metal Force Recycling will be more than happy to buy your old Holden car and get you a decent enough price against the same. We are your reliable car wrecking specialists in Sydney with the offering of highest quote price up to $9000 no matter the condition of the car. You can trust us with your essential details and our experts will call you with a quote. The promise of hassle-free car removal and easy documentation comes with no hidden costs within the deal. For any queries that you might have, we are there to answer all your queries 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday. We are just a ring away, so call us at 0403191732.