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Honda Wreckers Sydney


Honda is often associated with the word “reliable” and as a company, they do live up to that word. With a global stretch of loyal customers, Honda has been serving them with consistency and quality ever since its inception.

However, like every good thing, a Honda automobile also ages with time. To ensure that your old vehicle receives a deserving goodbye that is also environmentally friendly, opt for Metal Force Recycling, one of the leading Honda wreckers in Sydney, known for its prolific work as eco-friendly car wreckers.

Being the most trusted auto wreckers in Sydney, Metal Force Recycling provides an eco-friendly wrecking solution, offering a profitable offer for owners who can also get instant cash.

Generally, an old unused car will rest and rust away in your garage or backyard. But Metal Force Recycling allows you to turn that old car into a profitable venture for you.

So, if you are someone in possession of an old car, and searching for “wreckers near me”, come choose Metal Force Recycling. We will provide free removals and an opportunity to earn up to $9000 for every range of Honda models.

What makes us one of the leading Honda car wreckers in Syndey?

Metal Force Recycling, for years, has been a preferred choice of honda wreckers in Sydney. Their exhaustive and eco-friendly process is a result of their prolific presence in the car wrecking business.

What makes us the best? Well, our deal is simple, here’s what we offer:

  • You can cash in instantly against any Honda model that’s going to be wrecked.
  • Guaranteed cash in hand, even up to $9000.
  • Same-day removal of the car for wrecking.
  • Quotes are approved quickly and reflexive.
  • Minimal paperwork and process, to finalize the deal.
  • Legally compliant.
  • Transparency in our remuneration structure with no hidden fee.

Apart from the legal compliances, we adhere to, we are very particular about the environmental laws since it falls under our responsibility to make our process eco-friendly. You can get in touch with us at 0403 191 732 for queries and information about our services.

How do we wreck? – An Overview of Our Process

Metal Force Recycling has the workflow formed in a way that it has remained hassle-free and seamless over the years. Our client-centric process makes us one of the prime car recycling solutions in Sydney, Australia.

If you own a car that has remained unused for long, then we will buy it from you at a good price. From handing it over to confirming the deal, the steps are seamlessly stacked upon one another, which will bring you zero hassle, plus a hefty amount of cash as per the discussed quote.

Here’s what we do – We assess the car that you have and evaluate its cash value, we pick it and remove the asset for you, we deliver you the cash instantly. And voila! It’s done.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what we do:

  • If you, a client, approach us, you will be made to do a quick survey, either online or over a call.
  • The next step is to assess the car and evaluate it according to its condition.
  • You will be offered a quote for your Honda model that’s about to be wrecked, followed by an agreement of the amount.
  • After that, our employee/expert will collect the car from your place.
  • You will be paid in cash once the vehicle is handed over to us.
  • Our expert will tow the car from your premise.

Everything is done as per your convenience, from evaluating to removal, keeping your comfort and availability in mind.

We Accept All Kinds of Honda Model

Since its inception in 1946, Honda has been one of the preferred automobile brands, producing millions of vehicles every year. Honda also happens to be one of the first companies to come up with a luxury vehicle.

Honda Wreckers Sydney - Metal Force Recycling

There’s a wide variety of Honda products that you will find in Australia. We accept all kinds of Honda vehicular models:

  • Civic Hatch
  • Civic Sedan
  • City
  • Jazz
  • Odyssey
  • HR-V
  • CR-V

Irrespective of what you drive, Metal Force Recycling will get your junk car problem solved within a matter of minutes. You can also visit our website for more information.

Contact Honda Wreckers Metal Force Recycling In Sydney

No matter the condition or model of the Honda that you have back at home, we will be happy to take it off your hands. Your convenience, that’s what our service is all about. We have an easy way for you to connect with us online through a quote query form. Once you give us those details we take things forward with a quote befitting your car’s condition. You can expect a hassle-free process, minimum documentation and same day free removal of the car from your premises. We are always there to answer all your queries, 6 days a week. Follow the contact details below to reach out to us.

Call: 0403191732