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How Can Scrap Metal Be More Valuable Than New Metal?

It would be wise to not be fooled by the term ‘scrap metal’ or ‘scrap yard’. Although the word ‘scrap’ might sound like a small piece of absolutely anything, its significance is appreciated elsewhere. It holds great value to metal scrappers and of course, industries that re-use discarded metal. The circular economy anticipates that all things should be manufactured such that it can be deconstructed and recreated into a final product. Thus, the existence of a scrap yard is also put to use, re-use, and repeat.

Metal scrappers find worthy what we throw away once it is of no use to us. Not that we take our possessions for granted. The use of discarded metal, however, finds its way to a scrap yard when we figuratively give up on it.

Why Companies prefer scrap metal

Making products by using natural reserves are costlier, not to mention harmful to the environment. The more use of natural resources the more devastating its depletion.

Companies find it cheaper to create new metals from scrap. Therefore, a scrap yard provides easy access to used resources.

Metal scrappers earn by collecting, sorting and selling scrap metal to refiners who purchase in bulk. Hence, refiners here are the customers whereas we who give scrap metal are mere suppliers. So, the customers have the purpose of metal for industrial uses, home furnishings, artistic motivations, and for making stronger metal products.

Metal Force Recycling offers scrap metal services

Metal Force Recycling is a scrap metal merchant company that offers a range of services. The services include removal of residential, commercial and industrial black-iron and heavy-gauge scrap metal.

The company is located in Sydney dealing with all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

As your local metal scrap yard, you also get paid in cash for items, including but not limited to:

  • Car scrap
  • Demolition scrap
  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • Copper scrap
  • Brass scrap
  • Aluminium scrap
  • Lead scrap
  • Stainless steel scrap

How is the price for scrap metal decided?

Metal Force Recycling offers the highest cash for both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. The metal scrappers will place the metal under a magnet first. Ferrous metals are attracted to the magnet, whereas non-ferrous metals do not stick to the magnet.

Non-ferrous metals are considered more valuable as they include gold, copper, aluminium, and steel. Non-ferrous metals contain no iron and hence, are used as material for the outdoors as they resist rust and corrosion.

Ferrous metals include alloy steel, carbon steel, wrought iron and cast iron. They are found in shipping containers, railroad tracks, automobiles, industrial piping, and money commercial and domestic tools.

How can a scrap yard save the environment?

Contrary to how it looks, a scrap yard is probably one of the best saviors of the environments. Landfills are greatly reduced. Air and water pollution are decreased by a large percentage. Much of water reserves are saved as a result of industries not sourcing raw materials from natural reserves that demand huge volumes of water.