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Know The Parts Of A Car That Can Go For Brass Scrap And Their Valuation

Steel and aluminium are some of the most commonly used metals in vehicles, found everywhere from your engine to your transmission system. But this doesn’t mean you won’t come across other materials. For example, you’d be surprised at the brass scrap prices you can get from selling your car.

The Most Valuable Car Parts That Can Go For A High Brass Scrap Price 

Not many people know that brass is actually an alloy or a combination of copper and zinc. As a result, it has some unique physical and chemical properties you won’t find anywhere else.

For instance, brass is best distinguished by its shiny, golden surface, but its colours can also range from silver to red. In addition, it is highly versatile, used in everything from decorative fixtures to automotive parts:


Brass is highly corrosion resistant, making them the perfect material for radiator tubes. In addition, it allows the tube to distribute coolant across your car, preventing the engine from overheating.

Radiator Cores 

A radiator can be composed of two metals: aluminium and brass. Bass radiators areslowly growing in popularity because they are much simpler to produce. On top of that, brass radiators are more durable and long-lasting, thanks to their heat-resistant and antimicrobial properties.

Get The Best Brass Scrap Prices 

If there’s anything wrong with brass, it’s that it’s not always available. Like most metals, we only have a finite amount of brass, making scrapping it even more critical. Fortunately, you can leave the scrapping process to recycling companies. All you need to do is provide the necessary materials:

  • Mixed Brass

This type of brass is considered “clean,” often mixed with other metals and non-metals. For instance, you can find its scraps in your door handles, bed frames, kitchen taps, and home decorations!

  • Coast Brass

“Unclean” brass essentially means it is mixed with steel or other foreign attachments. For example, you can find this type of brass in water meters, jewellery, and some ornaments.

  • Brass Swarf

Any brass items that are machined or turned are considered brass swarf. These chips are mainly shavings and debris waste; however, they can still run for reasonable scrap prices.

Finally, we’ve come down to the question everyone has been waiting for: how can I get the best brass scrap prices in Sydney? If you’re lucky enough to find a reliable recycler, you can earn quite a lot.

And fortunately, your search doesn’t have to take too long. Metal Force Recycling has everything you need! We will readily buy all types of brass from you, playing top dollar regardless of their size, weight, and condition.

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