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Know The Value of Your Used Car

What can you expect from the best used-car buyers in Sydney? Of course, they should be able to guarantee a fair and honest transaction, avoiding fraudulent methods like using fake escrows and bogus payment plans. But more than that, they must also offer the most reasonable prices for your old vehicles.

How to calculate the value of your used car

To separate unreliable buyers from the best used-car buyers in Sydney, you can calculate the worth of your vehicle beforehand. This way, it’s easy to cross buyers offering unfair prices off your list, ensuring that you earn exactly what you deserve.

Here are some factors to consider when determining the price of your used car:

  • Year, make, and model.

Have you ever tried selling a vehicle to a dealership? One of the first things a dealer will look at is your car’s year, make, and model. This information helps determine the vehicle’s market value or estimation of its private selling price, which can be accessed through Red Book Australia.

For example, according to the valuation website, the value of a 2014 Audi A4 is $59,900 when new, but for a used model, it is around $18,500 to $21,100. This price considers several factors, including the car’s current condition and mileage.

  • Scrap metal prices

When it comes to used and junk cars, scrap metal prices are the most determining factor in their prices. This is because junk vehicle buyers will scrap the car for its metal parts, allowing them to sell the recycled materials to manufacturers.

Like cars, scrap metal prices can vary according to numerous factors, including their quality, the time of year, your location, and the current market demand. So, for example, if the newly mined steel prices rise, manufacturers will opt to buy recycled steel to save money. This raises demand for scrap metal, ultimately increasing its price.

According to Scrap Metal Sydney, the current value of scrap steel and aluminium is about $1 to $1.50 per kilogram. Meanwhile, rarer metals like copper and brass are valued at around $3 to $8/kg.

  • Availability of spare parts

It can be tempting to take your old cars apart and sell their components separately. But if you want your vehicle to fetch higher prices, try to avoid removing anything of value. Junk car removal companies will pay more for cars with reusable spare parts.

Plus, the more common the part, the higher its price. This is because spare parts are generally more affordable than components bought straight from the manufacturer, allowing buyers to save more cash.

For instance, some of the most valuable car parts to scrap include the GPS, transmission system, airbags, and radiators.

One last thing: the best used-car buyers will also consider the condition of your vehicle when offering a price. Metal Force Recycling, for example, can pay you up to $9000, depending on the car’s overall state.

So, what are you for? Contact Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732 and get the fairest prices for your old, unwanted, and junk vehicles in Sydney now!