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Looking For A Reliable And Trustworthy Car Wrecker In Sydney?

The best services of car wreckers Sydney have to offer is by Metal Force Recycling. We don’t mean to blow our own horn but we are the best in the game. Be it any vehicle, you get a premium price offered for your car regardless of its type, brand, and year of purchase.

You can’t put a price on the times you’ve spent driving that BMW Z4 or Audi A6 around the town. You can, however, get a better quote on the metal parts from scrap metal recyclers compared to car dealers. We are, therefore, the best car wreckers Sydney has to offer to its clients.

At Metal Force Recycling, we simply check whether you have all the papers of your car, and the extent of the damage if any. Your car doesn’t even have to be moving. Do you have a 4’x4’, a van, camping car, sedan, truck, or even the smallest of cars, we’ve got a price waiting for you. Earn up to $9,000 for your scrap motor vehicle in a short while from quoting the price to towing the car.

Our 10-Step car removal process

Here, at Metal Force Recycling, we follow a simple yet professionally standard procedure of car removal. We ensure that your vehicle experiences a smooth transition from the time it leaves your premises till it reaches us.

  1. If you are the car owner, reach out to us with a proposal for your vehicle. You will be directed to one of our teams.
  2. Our experts will ask you a few questions such as the age of the car, the make, the model, and its present condition.
  3. We will assess the extent of damage and the condition of the car.
  4. We will determine competitive prices based on the details you provide.
  5. If you agree with the price then we move on to the next stage.
  6. We take the information of your location for arranging the car removal.
  7. We fix an appointment for the pick-up.
  8. We will offer same-day car removal. No costs attached.
  9. At the scheduled time, we reach your location and tow your car from your property.
  10. Once we have taken possession of your car, you get an instant cash payment.

No differentiation between car models or brands

Our company is the most searched online for the following high-end vehicle brands:

  • Audi Wreckers Sydney
  • BMW Wreckers Sydney
  • Holden Wreckers Sydney
  • Honda Wreckers Sydney
  • Hyundai Wreckers Sydney

Therefore, whichever vehicle it may be, our services are reliable and efficient. We do not differentiate between brands or the model of cars. The best services of car wreckers Sydney have to offer are right here in Fairfield East, Australia.

We aim to deliver to every client the best offers on the market. Our core mission is to keep the environment clean from junk metal that sits around polluting nature and its surroundings. In the process, we build a lasting relationship with you, developing a deeper sense of trust. We have plenty more services to offer; contact us and we would be happy to deliver.