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Mazda Wreckers Sydney


A Mazda rules the road as long as it’s still in its prime! Once it gets older, numerous issues start plaguing it. If you own a Mazda for some time, then it’s highly likely that you are facing the same issues too.

The problem of Finding Buyers

There are so many things that can trouble you if you are using an old Mazda. It can be mechanical issues, dents and scratches or internal damage that might be affecting the performance of the car. So, if you are still using an old Mazda, it’s probably time to say goodbye to it!

Getting an impressive price

The problem with selling your old or damaged Mazda is that it can be hard to find buyers for a vehicle that has performance issues. Most buyers will look for test drives before finalizing the purchase. Even if they are ready to buy, the price will be affected badly because of the existing damages.

But that’s not the case at Metal Force! So, if you are looking for wreckers near me, then Metal Force Recycling is your ultimate destination!

Mazda Wreckers Sydney - Metal Force Recycling

Why Metal Force Recycling for Car Wrecking?

Simple process

Here at Metal Force, the Mazda wreckers in Sydney are ready to buy your car at the best possible rates so that you can get some instant cash to invest in your new car.

For any of the latest makes and models, you will have to make some amount of payment before you can take the car home. The cash that we offer in exchange for your old car can be easily used for this purpose.

We understand the value of time when you are trying to arrange funds. This is why we try to keep the process extremely simple for our cash for car services.

Time efficient

Selling your old Mazda to Metal Force is extremely easy and not at all time-consuming. How? Well, it’s because all our Mazda wreckers in Sydney are trained to handle the car buying process at the earliest. So, we close the deals faster for the convenience of our valuable sellers.

No matter how old and damaged your car is, we won’t waste too much time evaluating it. All you have to do is provide us with the relevant details and we will send you the quotation online. As soon as you take the decision of selling it to Metal Force Recycling Mazda wreckers, we will arrive at your doorstep, collect the car and give you the cash instantly!

Don’t want to sell your car but need some urgent cash? No worries, we got you covered!
Our Sydney wreckers encourage car owners to sell their old vehicles to us instead of keeping them abandoned in the yard or at the garage.

Contact Metal Force to Sell Your Mazda for Wrecking

Long story cut short, we are the best Mazda wreckers in Sydney and adjacent areas, highly revered for our seamless service, regards to the client’s requirements and offering of profitable quote. We can offer you up to $9000 instant cash once we have decided on a quote by assessing the car based in the details you provide us online. We are serviceable 6 days a week, from Monday till Saturday. For any further queries feel free to call us at 0403191732.

Metal Force Recycling As Your Go-To Mazda Wreckers In Sydney

Metal Force Recycling has an extensive process for wrecking and recycling every vehicle to make sure that not only the reusable parts are dismantled for resale, but the remaining scrap is also recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Here’s how we have successfully become the TOP MAZDA WRECKERS IN SYDNEY by dismantling each Mazda carefully:

1.     Dismantle Tyres and Wheels

First of all, we dismantle the tyres and wheels of your Mazda. If the wheels and tyres are new compared to the remaining car, we make sure to reuse them.

2.     Dismantling the Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters help control emission of the exhaust gases and reduce pollution, as this device is very expensive, so we make sure to dismantle it and use it for resale.

3.     Remove the Car Battery

Many times the car batteries are completely new. So, we ensure to remove the batteries and check if there is any juice left in them. If they have power, we resell them.

4.     Draining the Vehicle’s Fluids

We drain and dispose of the fluids of each Mazda carefully while following the green protocols. In this way, no hazardous fluid is left in the car that can cause problems in the further wreckage process.

5.     Removal of Electronic Components and Engine and Transmission System

We remove the electronic components and resell them. We also remove the Engine and Transmission Systems that are in excellent condition for resale.

After dismantling the car, we wreck the remaining scrap following green protocols.