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Toyota Hilux Wreckers Sydney


Are you stuck with your old Toyota Hilux, unable to sell it off? Is your car too damaged to run the miles? We can help you out of your auto predicament as the leading Toyota Hilux wreckers in Sydney.

Metal Force Recycling Toyota Hilux wreckers will buy your old or damaged car and pay you instant cash. We wreck cars of all makes and models including Toyota and wreck the car to salvage metal from the vehicle.

When a client reaches out to us with a car wrecking proposal, we spare no time in getting the old car out of their property. You can come to us with a proposal alike, and get a chance to earn up to $9000.

Why let go of such a lucrative opportunity when you can utilize the cash from wrecking the old car to buy a new one.

Profitable Car Wrecking Deals in Sydney

We take pride in your all-inclusive service and offering of the best quotes against Toyota Hilux car wrecking in and around Sydney. Metal Force Recycling goes through all necessary details to give the most lucrative quote against an old and damaged car.

We acknowledge that old and damaged cars can be hard to sell off, but that’s where our service differs from a reseller. We do not buy cars to sell them, but rather to wreck the old car. It’s the best way to utilize an unused car.

Reaching out to us for a car wrecking quote against your Toyota Hilux, we can guarantee you cash up to $9000 as an upfront payment. The price will depend on the condition of the car, but we can promise you a profitable quote irrespective of the level of damage.

All Toyota Hilux Models Accepted

We deal with different types of cars regularly and have extensive knowledge regarding the same. Metal Force Recycling being the most trusted Toyota Hilux wreckers in Sydney; accept every model within that range, both old as well as new. We are not picky with car selection, nor do we have an eligibility criterion.

Over the years, our experts have evaluated and wrecked cars of varied make and model. Here are some of the Toyota Hilux models that we have bought in the past.

  • Double Cab
  • Single Cab Hilux Ute
  • Hilux 2-Door Utility
  • Hilux Sport Cruise
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Toyota Hilux Sport Rider
  • Invincible Manual Hilux
  • SR5 4-Door Utility
  • Hilux Active
  • 2017 Facelift

If you have a Toyota Hilux other than the ones mentioned on the list, do not hesitate to call us up raising an enquiry. We can accommodate your wrecking request and offer a decent amount for the same.

Intensive and Transparent Car Valuation

Metal Force Recycling conducts a detailed and transparent car evaluation to get offers the most profitable quotes to the car seller. Just because it is a damaged and unused car, we will not handle it with a casual approach.

We look for ways in which we can offer you a profitable offer so that you can secure finance for the new car.

After you reach out to us we will ask you a few questions about the Toyota Hilux car and its condition. Accordingly, we will evaluate the condition and offer you a quote.

If you agree then the deal moves forward with us getting the pick-up details like a preferred time and the location.

We Abide by Environmental Laws when Wrecking a Car

Our team is well versed with the environmental norms and regulations and abides by the same when performing the car wrecking process.

You can rest assured that your car will be removed and wrecked in the most “green-way” maintaining all the required statutes as mentioned in the law.

We are a pro-environment business and always play our part through our service in safeguarding the same.

Same Day Removals and Free Car Towing Service

Metal Force Recycling offers same-day removals, so you can expect the car to be gone from your property within a few hours. Once we take possession of the car, it will be towed-off your premises free of cost.

There are no hidden charges involved in the process, and we maintain absolute transparency.

Once the car is with us, we pay you instant cash upfront up to $9000. Owing to such a hassle-free and seamless process, we have earned the title of being one of the top Toyota Hilux wreckers in Sydney.

Call Metal Force Recycling with Your Queries

With years of experience in the wrecking cars business, we are one of the oldest and most reliable service providers that can ensure you the best price against your broken down and damaged Toyota Hilux model. It’s a hassle-free process with minimum documentation. All we need is for you to fill out and submit the online form. We will call you with any further queries and offer you a quote on the same day and get the car removed free of cost.

Call us Toyota Hilux wreckers Sydney at 0403 191 732.