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We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Sydney and Offer Free Pickup

Do you have a junk car that’s just deteriorating and taking up space in your garage? You don’t have to keep it anymore because we offer cash for unwanted cars in Sydney. We are an established and licensed scrap metal merchant that deals with all nonferrous and ferrous metals, including damaged, old, and wrecked cars. And you won’t even have to do the legwork because the pickup is part of the service, and you will get paid on the spot when the team collects your car.

Leave your unwanted car to us

Junk cars are hard to sell in the marketplace because of their condition. You usually have to fix and restore them to become attractive to buyers. However, doing that won’t necessarily mean someone will buy your unwanted car immediately. Why go through all that trouble and extra costs when you can sell it to a scrap metal merchant like us? We’ll even pay top cash for unwanted cars in Sydney to make the experience more rewarding and worth your while. You could earn up to $9,000 for your junk car, depending on its condition.

The highest offers await

Car removal companies like us aim to provide the highest offers for unwanted vehicles. With car removal, you can expect the highest cash offers that won’t disappoint. Selling your car for cash is also an easier way to let go of an unwanted vehicle that is more trouble than it’s worth. With our robust domestic and international exports and trades, we can pay top cash for unwanted cars in Sydney and even take care of the pickup.

How we determine the value of your car

To ensure the highest cash offers, scrap metal merchants hire automotive experts to perform car appraisals based on details like the make, model, year, and condition. Be sure to provide other details about your vehicle when you contact us for an estimate, so our team can give the most attractive offer. Consider comparing offers from different companies to find the most competitive cash quote.

Avoid the guesswork

If you like our offer, you can book the pick-up immediately. We can fetch the car on the same day you arrange for pick up or at a more convenient schedule. We’ll tow at no extra cost and pay you upfront. We will also handle the recycling and wrecking to ensure the safe disposal and reuse of its scrap metals and spare parts.

Call Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732 when you’re ready to earn top cash for unwanted cars in Sydney. We are licensed and insured professionals who strictly adhere to environmental statutes and offer eco-friendly junk car removal, recycling, and wrecking. We guarantee a seamless process that ensures complete convenience.