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BMW Wreckers Sydney: Find Out How Much You Can Get For Your Old Car!

Do you have an old BMW lying unused in your garage? This may be a difficult decision, but perhaps it’s time to let it go. You can try to look for a potential buyer or try to sell it to a dealer, but if it’s beyond repair, a BMW wrecker in Sydney might be the best choice!

How Can BMW Wreckers In Sydney Estimate The Worth Of Your Car?

Can you find out how much cash you can get for an old BMW? Fortunately, the valuation process isn’t such a big secret. It’s possible to estimate the worth of your car by considering the factors below. Do note that the actual quote still depends on the wrecking company, though.

  1. Size And Weight

The size and weight of your BMW determine how much metal there is in the car. For example, the BMW 316i, a sedan, has a kerb weight of 1385kg, while the BMW X5, an SUV, weighs around 2265kg. Generally, the heavier the vehicle, the more useable metal it has.

But why does this matter? Scrap metal is highly in-demand, and recycling it could benefit the environment. Cars are a great source of scrap aluminium and steel, so it’s best to sell them instead of letting them gather dust in the garage.

  1. Make, Model, And Year

Is your BMW relatively new? Or is it starting to show some signs of old age? A more recent model might be able to sell for more than an older one, depending on its current condition. It’s even possible to sell it at a higher price if the car’s parts are still intact and in good shape!

  1. Location

Finally, if you live in Sydney, then make sure to only find wreckers in the area. Some dealers might charge a fee if they need to travel to a distant location, and you need to save as much cash as you can when wrecking your BMW.

Choosing BMW Wreckers In Sydney

If you’re trying to find reliable wreckers in Sydney, your priority should be getting the best worth out of your BMW. But no matter how desperate you get, try not to settle for an unfair price. With a little bit more effort, you might discover a wrecking company willing to pay top cash for your car.

Luckily, you don’t need to search too far for a BMW wrecker in Sydney. Here at Metal Force Recycling, we can help you get rid of any vehicle, no matter its current condition!

Our prices are highly competitive, and we can offer you up to $9000 in cash depending on what’s agreed upon. You can get your free quote by calling us at 0403 191 732 or filling out our online enquiry form.

Plus, our services are 100% free, and you can have your BMW picked up in no time!