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Scrap Metal Prices Sydney

AluminiumDomestic | Extrusion$1.00  –  $1.80
BatteryCar | Truck$0.20  –  $0.35
BrassHoney | Swarf$3.00  –  $5.50
CompressorBlack$0.40  –  $0.70
Copper#1 | #2 | #Dom$7.00  –  $10.00
EngineBlack | White$0.35  –  $0.65
LeadHard | Soft$1.00  –  $1.50
MotorElectric | Starter$0.40  –  $0.70
Stainless Steel304 | 316$0.60  –  $1.10
Aluminium Scrap Metal Force
Brass Scrap Metal Force
Copper Scrap Metal Force
Insulated Cables Metal Force
Lead Scrap Metal Force
Radiator Metal Force


Cash for copper shiny

Copper Shiny (Bright Copper)

Considered the most valuable copper metals, the bare bright or shiny copper is found in building constructions. It is located inside thick electrical cables and machine parts like motors or transformers. The bright shiny copper will earn you’re a higher price than any other type of copper. If you want to sell this copper to scrap, you can get maximum money out of it by stripping any unwanted materials. For instance, strip off the insulation, remove the paint, other impurities or signs of tarnishing.

copper 1

Copper Number 1

Copper Number 1 tubing is the highest rank of scrap copper tubing sold to scrappers. Copper Number 1 tubing is visually shiny. It will not have any green tinge, dirt, grease, or grime. It is typically used in plumbing pipes and water line pipes.

copper 2

Copper Number 2

Copper Number 2 comes with impurities such as solder joints, paint, or tar. You will also find them in copper windings from electric motors and transformers with impurities. Copper Number 2 tubing does not have a shiny look. It looks old in appearance with dirty solder joints. AC lines, water lines, and plumbing have typical use of copper number 2.

cash for copper domestic

Copper Domestic

Copper Domestic is found in plumbing equipment, building sites, and kerbside collections. It also comprises of copper piping and brass fittings like taps, elbows, and attachments. Copper domestic pipes may have soldered joints with brass fittings. Also, this form of metal normally has 88% copper content, while some companies may not allow as much. The more the content, the more you can earn when you sell it to scrap.

copper wire high

Copper Insulated Wire (High Grade)

Insulated copper wire is primarily used in commercial applications like underground wiring and electrical panels. This type of copper is classified as MCM as it has 85% of copper content and 15 % insulated jacket.

copper wire low

Copper Insulated Wire (Low Grade)

Low-grade copper insulated wire has 30% copper. It will have multiple insulated wires placed within a more significant insulated case. The insulation present is typically more in density as compared to the copper content. Another low grade insulated copper is jelly wire and harness wire. These types of wires are used as underground communication wire for large telecommunication companies. Additionally, copper insulated harness wire is used as connectors in automobiles, boats, planes, and other heavy equipment.

electric motor

Electric Motors

At Metal Force Recyclers, we scrap all kinds of electronic motors. These could include industrial fans, blowers and pumps, machine tools, power tools, welders, washing machines, clothes dryers and more. Other miscellaneous motor assemblies, too, may contain armatures with copper windings. 

fridge compressor

Fridge Compressors

The steel shell present in compressors contain copper windings that you can remove to sell to scrap. These compressors are found in air conditioning units, refrigerators, and freezers.


aluminium extrusion

Extruded Aluminium

Extruded Aluminium has many applications, including architecture, construction, and electrical systems. They are used as supports in assembling stalls at exhibitions. Its material of choice is used in workbenches, inspection tables, carts, RVs, and trailers. We offer $0.80 – $1.30 per Kg for extruded Aluminium.

aluminium domestic

Aluminium Domestic

Aluminium domestic is what you see as roofing sheets, pots and pans, and even a few car bonnets. This type of Aluminium is not extruded or cast. Before selling general scrap aluminium, make sure to remove all contaminants like wood or plastic attachments. Keep it under less than 5% contaminants. We offer $0.80 – $1.30 per Kg for domestic Aluminium.

aluminium cast

Aluminium Cast

Cast Aluminium is more complex than extruded Aluminium. They are found in heavy pots and pans, outdoor furniture, gearboxes, car and truck engines. While selling these, ensure to clean off all non-aluminium attachments. Also, they should not include steel bolts, screws or other impurities. 

aluminium wheel rims

Aluminium Wheel Rims

Are you selling parts of your old junk car? The wheel rims can get you a good deal among other aluminium metals. You will have to remove the tyres, wheel weights, and valve stems before selling the rims.

aluminium cans

Aluminium Cans

Don’t throw away those cola and beer cans just yet! How about collect and sell them in bulk to a scrapyard? These are the most readily available aluminium scrap metals that you will find at scrapyards. Make sure to squash them and ensure that they are free from contaminants before selling.

aluminium wire

Aluminium Wire

Aluminium wires are cheaper, lighter, and flexible as compared to copper wires. However, they are prone to fires, and so installation and disposing of them require proper care. You can find and collect aluminium wires from building wires, power grids, power cables, household wiring, headphones, antennas and loudspeakers. Sell used and old wires to scrapyards, and not new ones just to earn a quick buck.

aluminium sheets

Aluminium Sheets

You will find aluminium sheets in home appliances, cookware and building constructions. These are also formed into roofing, siding, gutters, awnings, and carports.

aluminium engines

Aluminium Engines / Gearboxes

Engine crankshafts and gearboxes are made from Aluminium. If you can find these in engines that are no longer used, you can earn quick cash from scrapyards.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel 316

Stainless steel 316 is also known as Marine Grade Stainless Steel. This type of steel is used for marine environments to resist the corrosive effects of seawater. They are used in food processing units, chemical storage and transport, textile dying equipment, medical implants, and oil refining equipment.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel 304

This is another highly rust-resistant form of stainless steel that finds its applications in domestic and commercial uses. You can collect it from junk items of orthopaedic implants, wires, wire coils, curettes, screws, medical needles, catheters, etc.

stainless steel turnings

Stainless Steel Turnings

You can find stainless steel turnings in household appliances, cookware, valves and pumps, surgical utensils, and industrial equipment.


Cash for Brass

Mixed Brass (Clean)

Brass that is mixed with other metals or non-metals is called mixed brass. It is commonly found in door handles, bathrooms, bed frames, kitchen taps, bearings, springs and home decor decorations. When recycled brass is melted, it can make objects such as plumbing materials, musical instruments and home decor.

Cash for Brass

Coast Brass (Unclean)

Coast Brass contains a predominant mixture of brass and other red brasses with steel or foreign attachments. Coast brass can be found in water meters and taps with zinc handles, jewellery and other ornaments.

Cash for Brass

Gun Metal

Gunmetal has a deep colour because of its high copper content. It is a type of bronze, an alloy of copper (88%), tin (8-10%), and zinc (2-4%). Gunmetal is found in red brass scrap, machinery bearings, valves and other castings.

Cash for Brass

Brass Swarf

Brass swarf is shavings or debris wastes from manufacturing processes. They are made from any brass that is machined or turned. The Brass Swarf consists strictly of rod turnings and is free of aluminium and manganese.


cash for lead

Lead Mixed

A soft and heavy lead metal consists of clean lead solids and lead shots. They are poisonous for human consumption, having fatal effects on babies and young children. Lead is commonly used in piping, bullets, all kinds of batteries, and weights, etc. 

cash for lead battery

Lead Batteries

Lead batteries can deliver short bursts of high power to start an engine, so they are used in cars. These batteries are also used for generating power at low, steady levels. Hence, lead is used in batteries for starting or deep cycle power. If you have a boat, trolling motors, winches or lights, you can remove the batteries and sell them to scrap if they are not needed for further use.


aluminium copper radiator

Aluminium Copper Radiator

Alloy Copper Radiators are primarily found in air conditioners and refrigeration units, and automotive heat exchange technology units. These have aluminium fins with a series of copper pipes. Scrap metal dealers buy radiators that are graded as either clean or contaminated.

copper brass radiators

Copper Brass Radiator

Copper Brass radiators are also found in vehicles. They generally have brass tank tops and copper fins from the mid to the bottom section. These radiators are graded as clean and contaminated when bought by scrap metal merchants.

aluminium radiator

Aluminium Radiators

Aluminium radiators are found in automobiles, air conditioners or heaters. These are free of any ferrous or plastic materials.

Catalytic Converters

Cash for Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters play a crucial part in the exhaust system of modern cars. However, what happens when you want to sell it to scrap? Here’s what you should make sure of when selling a converter to a scrapyard. Note the details about its year, make and model. This information will help us come to a reasonable price point for you. Do not remove out the honeycomb mesh, which is a filter for the exhaust fumes. Keep the shell of the catalytic converter, too but cut off the exhaust pipes. If you can’t, then no worries; we’ll do this for you. Metal Force Recycling offers the highest Cash for Catalytic Converters in Sydney.

The following substances and goods are prohibited from your scrap collection and drop-off. These dangerous goods have detrimental risk to the safety of our staff, the property and the environment. Any prohibited material found in your scrap will need to be removed from site or it will be returned.

Please check with our friendly staff at the Weighbridge office if you have any doubts.

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