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Mercedes Wreckers Sydney


Like every other technological item in use, cars have an expiration date as well. It may not be predefined or precisely predictable, but there comes a time when it can no longer serve its purpose to the fullest.

At a time like this, you want to put it up for sale, but you are largely overcome by the question of whether anyone would offer you a befitting deal.

People are plagued by the misconception that once their car goes out of commission, there is no way they will get a decent value on its resale. This sort of paranoia is common among the owners of premium cars like Mercedes, or BMW owners.

However, this sort of concern is nonessential, especially since there are car wreckers in Sydney that are willing to procure it. The presumption that you will have to sustain a loss if you deal in your car with car wreckers proves to be a hindrance for many owners.

But with Metal Force Recycling that wouldn’t even be the least of your concerns. With the best value for your vehicle and excellent services, you can get a payout of up to $9,000! The pay is subject to the condition the car is in.

More about Metal Force Recycling’s provisions:

We are one of the most reputed Mercedes wreckers in Sydney. Our renown may be attributed to the fact that our priorities lie in the welfare and profitability of our customers rather than our own.

The efforts we make to provide you with the very best value for your car are unparalleled by any of our rivals in and around the region of Sydney.

If a customer gets down to comparing the various aspects of our provisions with that of our rivals, surely a few key factors are bound to stand out. For instance, while other wreckers will be tempted to exploit your circumstance and offer you a significantly reduced quote, the experts at Metal Force Recycling present before you a quote that is explicitly based upon the evaluation of the car.

Another such unique provision offered by us is the free removals. Once a deal is finalized, our team will reach the location provided by the owner of the car and tow it back to our premises.

A hassle-free experience for our customers is our foremost concern and this is one of the many measures we have implemented to live up to this objective.

What are the car models that are accepted by us?

If you are worried about if we would reject your car on the grounds of its make or model, then rest easy because we don’t impose any such regulations. Vehicles of every make and model are accepted.

This flexibility can be attributed to the fact that our main interest is limited to the metal content that can be salvaged off of the car’s body.

To provide you with an elaborate list, take a look at the compilation of vehicle classes and vehicle brands accepted by us:

1) Class of vehicles accepted:

  • Sedans,
  • Hatchbacks,
  • 4-wheel drive cars,
  • SUVs,
  • Pick-up vans,
  • Trucks,
  • Buses, and more.

2) Brands of vehicles accepted:

  • Mercedes,
  • BMW,
  • Audi,
  • Chevrolet,
  • Ford,
  • Suzuki,
  • Volkswagen,
  • Toyota,
  • Mitsubishi, and more.

As far as the age and condition of the car are concerned, we are even inclined to accept vintage models that are rust ridden and completely decommissioned.

To summarize, Metal Force Recycling is impartial towards the type, make, or condition of the car that is brought in. However, each one of these aspects heavily factor-in while determining the value of the vehicle.

Compelling reasons for choosing us:

Trust is a key factor when undertaking deals as such. It is the brand recognition for Mercedes wreckers in Sydney that dictates the amount of trust that a customer can put into them. As for Metal Force Recycling, their reputation precedes them! Ever since its foundation, the company has amassed quite a lot of positive renown to its name.

This acclaim is appropriately complimented by our highly efficient and experienced crew. These professionals go above and beyond to ensure that the customer is contented, both concerning the quote offered and the overall experience of the procedure.

The fact that this is more than what any other car wrecker in Sydney is willing to offer their customers is not debatable!

By entrusting your past rusting car to us, it isn’t only you who would be earning a profit. Rather, the processing and distribution performed by us help with the sustainability of the natural metallic resources. This recycling of metal, in turn, is beneficial to the environment as well.

Refer to the link for detailed information on car wrecking and recycling.

Contact Metal Force Today

At Metal Force Recycling wreckers, we give you a chance to earn up to $9000 against you old and damaged or unused Mercedes car & truck irrespective of the model and range. You can expect the best quote from us for wrecking your car. You can approach us by referring to our website. There you will get an enquiry form; just fill it up and we will get back to you with a lucrative price offering. For any relevant queries, you may either contact us directly by calling us at 0403 191 732