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CAR REMOVAL SYDNEY Get A Same-Day Free Car Removal


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Car Removal in Sydney by Trusted Professionals

Owners usually treat their cars as a long-term investment and a prized possession. But, just like everything else cars have a lifecycle too. Once the vehicle is past its prime years of performance, repairing becomes meaningless and a cost liability. 

Are you stuck with an old and rundown car in possession? Then call us for affordable and efficient car removal in Sydney. For years Metal Force Recycling has been serving the car owners in and around Sydney. We take old cars of any make and model of your property and pay you in cash instantly. 

Contact us if you want an unwanted, old, or junk car removed on the same day. Our team will make all necessary arrangements for free removal while getting you the best possible price against the car. With Metal Force Recycling, you get a chance of earning up to $9000 in an instant. 

Why go for a free car removal?

We cover all regions when it comes to car removals in Sydney.

Regardless the condition of your vehicle; we’ll make sure it’s taken away in no time.

  • Old Car Removal
  • Junk Car Removal
  • Scrap Car Removal
  • Unwanted Car Removal
Car Removal - Metal Force Recycling

Same Day Appraisal, Cash Payment, & Car Removal

Metal Force Recycling is a class apart owing to the swift service, starting from appraising a car, towing it off the owner’s place, and completing the payment. All happens in one day! 

  1. When a seller reaches out to us for car removal, our first job is to get all the details.
  2. We focus on the specific features of the car, like age, condition, make, model, etc. 
  3. Our experts assess each attribute of the vehicles to determine the offering price
  4. After judging from every aspect, a quote is offered to the car owner. 
  5. If everything goes well up until then, we make an appointment for car pick-up and payment. 
  6. Accordingly, we reach the seller’s place and tow the car.
  7. After taking possession of the car we make a cash payment to the owner. 

It’s a simple process of appraisal, payment, and removal, which is further simplified by the professionalism of our expert team for car removals in Sydney.

Benefit from Our Car Removals in Sydney

While instant access to cash is the prime attraction of car removal, it is just one of the many perks. By selling us your unwanted car you can enjoy the benefits of:

Extra space

Why let an old rusty car take up all that space in your backyard or garage? Car removal is a win-win deal, where you not only get to make room for your belongings but get to earn fast cash which you can invest in buying a new ride.   

Eco-friendly living

Did you know that letting old cars just rest and rust away is detrimental to the environment? Unused cars have the risk of releasing toxic chemicals from the batteries causing pollution. 

You can prevent that from happening by selling it off for recycling. For your information, Metal Force Recycling ensures an eco-friendly process of wrecking and recycling the car that we buy from you.  

No unnecessary formalities

Selling a car whether as junk or to a reseller, involves a bulk load of documentation, which you can avoid by selling it off to us. We require minimal documentation against unwanted car removal in Sydney

You can call us anytime to get all your queries answered regarding our car removal services. 

We Remove Cars of Every Make and Model

Are you seeking a reseller/removal service to buy your vintage Beetle? Do you want to sell off your old pick-up truck? No matter the make and model of the car, with Metal Force Recycling, you have the chance to earn up to $9000 against it. 

As a leading company car removal in Sydney, we have a history of buying

  • Small cars, Sedans, SUVs, Hybrid cars, Pick-up truck, Vans, Big truck, Bus, Vintage cars and more. 

If you are curious about the brands of the car that we have bought in the past, then here is a list for your reference:

  • BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Audi, Kia, Chevrolet, Lexus, Suzuki, Hyundai and Volkswagen

But, this is just a conservative estimate of brands that we have bought from our previous clients. In case you need to have your doubts cleared regarding the make and model of the car, do give us a call at 0403 191 732.

Same day Car Removals Free of Cost

Once a client agrees to the quote offered against their car, we make sure to complete the process in a day. We get details, such as the location of the car and time of convenience for pick-up. 

Car Removal Near Me - Metal Force Recycling

You don’t need to get the car to us as we will reach your place to get the car ourselves. Free towing is included within our service of car removals in Sydney. We aim to make the experience as hassle-free for our clients as is possible.

Why Choose Metal Force Recycling 

Metal Force Recycling may not be the only car removal service in and around Sydney, but it truly stands apart from the other businesses. The company endorses: 

  • Reliable professionals for car appraisal
  • Insured and licensed service
  • Hassle-free 3-step process
  • Online quote 
  • Instant cash against old/damaged cars
  • Opportunity to earn up to $9000
  • Free towing with car removals
  • Instant cash payment

Looking for ‘car removals near me’ in Sydney, Metal Force Recycling is the one you need! Contact us for more information on car removals by reliable professionals.


Our car removal service includes junk cars, old cars, unused cars, damaged cars, and scrap cars

Your convenience is our top priority. Although we prefer same-day removals, a pick-up can be rescheduled.

If everything falls in place smoothly, then we can get the car removed in just a few hours.  

Cars that are without the keys sell for a lesser amount.

There is no need to prepare the car in any way as we make sure to take off your hands as it is.

Car Removal - Service Locations

Central Park
Circular Quay
Darling Harbour
Dawes Point
East Sydney
Elizabeth Bay
Forest Lodge
Garden Island
Goat Island
Green Square
Kings Cross
Millers Point
Moore Park
Potts Point
Railway Square
Rushcutters Bay
Strawberry Hills
Surry Hills
The Domain
The Rocks
Edmondson Park