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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Sell my Car?

You can sell your car to Metal Force Recycling in Sydney. We provide our services everywhere in Sydney. We buy without any hassle and pay instantly, offering our customers with fast, free, and problem-free removal of their unwanted vehicles. If you want to sell your used car, Sydney Car Removal will offer free Car towing service to all locations in Sydney.

What kind of Cars do you buy?

We at Metal Force Recycling buy every kind of vehicle. We will make a purchase offer based on the condition of your vehicle, the year, make, model, mileage and salvage value of the vehicle. However, we accept ALL kinds of vehicles irrespective of their condition. Even if your car is beyond repair, we will accept it. Offering you the best prices in the market, we just need a little detail of your car to go ahead with the process. No matter what the model, make or condition is – Metal Force Recycling will buy it.

Do I have to drive to your location?

No. Metal Force Recycling offers free car removal service. If you agree to our offer, we will come to your address for free car removal service. If you wish to driver in yes you can.

What is Free Car Removal Service?

With every cash for car offer, Metal Force Recycling offers free car removal service. This means that our team will come at your doorstep to tow your vehicle for absolutely free.

What documents do I need to have?

You should have the title of your vehicle, your own identification (driver’s license or passport), and vehicle registration documents.

What if I don’t have these documents?

Don’t worry. Metal Force Recycling takes care of all the paperwork. Just let us know about this beforehand so we can arrange any requisite paperwork for you.

Why should I sell my car to you?

Metal Force Recycling offers instant Cash for Cars. If you are located in Sydney, you can now turn your junk car into real cash, real quick. Metal Force Recycling is one of the best places to sell your car to, because we take into account every salvageable part of your used vehicle. We have skilled and experienced expertise that will determine the right cost of a car based on their present condition.

I am ready to sell my car. What to do now?

Call us at 0403 191 732 and share all your vehicle details with us. We will give you an instant and free quote on your Unwanted Car. Once you accept it, our team will come for car pickup and instant payment.