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Brass Scrap Recycling, Price, Pick Up And Removal

Brass may not be as generic as steel or aluminium, but it’s still widely used in various industries. And like most metals, this copper and zinc alloy must be recycled. Luckily, you can find buyers willing to pay reasonable brass scrap prices depending on their weight, size, and condition.

The Different Types Of Brass Scrap

Did you know that brass is relatively similar to bronze? Both metals are alloys of copper, but brass may contain zinc, lead, iron, and aluminium. You can easily recognise it by its distinct golden yellow colour that can shine very bright.

What’s excellent about brass is that it is softer than most metals, making it relatively easy to cast. As a result, it is widely used in manufacturing musical instruments, plumbing fixtures, locks, and decorations.

You Might Come Across Brass Scraps At Home Including The Following Types:

  • Mixed Brass

As the name suggests, mixed brass is often combined with other metals or non-metals. You can get it from your door handles, bed frames, kitchen taps, and home decorations.

  • Coast Brass

Coast or unclean brass is a mixture of brass with steel and some foreign attachments. You can find this type of scrap in jewellery, ornaments, and taps with zinc handles.

  • Gunmetal

Distinguishing gunmetal from brass can be quite confusing because it is a type of bronze. Specifically, it is a copper, tin, and zinc alloy, often mixed with other red brass scraps. In addition, you can find it in machine bearings and valves.

  • Brass Swarf

Brass swarf is a waste product from manufacturing processes, made of machined or turned brass.

Getting The Best Brass Scrap Prices And Removal Services

Selling Brass Scrap By Itself Won’t Earn You Much Cash; There’s No Guarantee That A Recycler Will Buy Them. Here Are Some Tips To Consider To Ensure That You Get The Best Brass Scrap Prices:

  • Clean Your Scraps

One common reason why recyclers refuse to buy scraps is contamination. Brass comes from various sources, and it could contain oil, lubricant, and dust. So before selling the scraps, make sure you remove any residue and toxic substances.

  • Separate Your Scraps

If your brass scraps came from jewellery and ornaments, they could be mixed with metals like steel. However, steel and brass sell for different prices, so you must separate them beforehand.

Fortunately, sorting them is simple. Just use a magnet—any metal that will stick to its surface is not brass.

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