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Can Scrap Metal Pay You Good Money?

Before you throw out that piece of old appliance you no longer need, think again! It could pay you. Grab a magnet and place it on old metal. If the old metal is not attracted to the magnet, you’re in for some pocket money.

There are a variety of metals sent to the scrap yard daily for recycling. Amid the bulk of scrap metal Copper, Aluminium, and Brass have large amounts to suppliers.

It is interesting to note that the price ranges differ by type and quality. For instance, the metal merchant company called Metal Force Recycling pays top dollar to suppliers by the kilo.

Metal Quality Price ( /Kg)
Copper Scrap Price #1 | #2 |#Dom $6.00  –  $8.00
Aluminium Scrap Price Domestic | Extrusion $0.80  –  $1.30
Brass Scrap Price Honey | Swarf $4.00  –  $5.00

The company even offers a free quote analysis of the metal you wish to give away.

Why do these metals matter?

Copper is one of the most common metals found around the home. It is the most highly sought after at the scrap yard. If you have an electrical appliance lying around or old pipes leftover after a plumbing upgrade, turn them over to the scrap yard. Of course, if you want a big buck for a Copper scrap price or any other metal; sell all old items in bulk.

The colas you drink are packed in aluminium cans. Uses of Aluminium are also for computers and gaming consoles, car parts, and bike frames among other similar items. Aluminium is most often combined with other metals to make new products. Although, hard to harness, It is considered a valuable form of metal and thus, worth trading in for a hefty Aluminium scrap price.

Brass is made for fittings, door handles, bed frames, old ornaments, candlesticks, plates, trophies, and much more. Since it has so many uses, it is clearly a valuable item added to the scrap yard and hence, will earn you a big buck for a Brass scrap price.

Metal Merchants and their interest in metals

Metal merchants earn a lot by selling the metal scrap you don’t need anymore. They even recycle all kinds of metal. Some among Copper, Aluminium, and Brass are as follows:

Cash for Copper and recycling of the following types:

  • Shiny Copper
  • Electric Motor
  • Copper Domestic
  • Copper Number 1
  • Copper Number 2
  • Fridge Compressors
  • Copper Insulated High-Grade Wire
  • Copper Insulated Low-Grade Wire

Cash for Aluminium and recycling of the following types:

  • Aluminium Extrusion
  • Aluminium Domestic
  • Aluminium Cast
  • Aluminium Wheel Rims
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Aluminium Wire
  • Aluminium Sheets
  • Aluminium Engine and Gearboxes

Cash for Brass and recycling of the following types:

  • Coast Brass
  • Mixed Brass
  • Gun Metal Brass
  • Brass Swarf

Reducing Landfills by a huge margin

Landfills are reduced because of recycling scrap metal. Although recycling scrap metal makes money, it also helps conserve the ore that is mined the world across for several uses. As natural reserves of the earth are fast depleting, it is only wise that one should work towards recycling more metal and other materials.