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Cash for Cars Wollongong


Do you have a used car that you want to get rid of or are you a government or corporate establishment with a fleet of vehicles that are not fit for use? No matter which one you said yes to, Metal Force is the ultimate platform for you! Get the opportunity to earn fast cash against your unused car.  

Fast and Easy Car Evaluation, Payment, and Removal

Here you can sell any car at the best rates prevailing in the market and get cash instantly! yes, it’s that easy! We at Metal Force understand the urgency of our customers which inspires us to make the entire process fast and simple. 

This way you won’t lose even a second of your precious time and get your hands on the instant cash as soon as you decide to sell your car. The fact that we accept all kinds of cars irrespective of their condition makes us such an approachable and trustworthy name in the industry of car removal and recycling

Compliance with prevailing regulations

In case you are wondering, we specialize in personal as well as commercial and government cars. The regulations for cash for cars in Wollongong vary vastly when it comes to government-owned cars.

This is why we assign only the most experienced and skilled auto specialists for such a crucial service. With our experts guiding you at every step, you can easily sell even government-owned vehicles without any hassles and get instant cash

What makes us the leading force in the cash for cars in Wollongong services is the fact that we buy a wide range of cars irrespective of the model or the condition.

Cash For Cars Wollongong - Metal Force Recycling

Why hire us to get cash for cars in Wollongong

Get instant cash

In most households as well as commercial establishments you will find cars lying useless in a corner of the garage or the yard. This is why instead of hoarding your car unnecessarily it’s smart to sell them for instant cash

Stay organized

Another major reason why you must sell your cars instead of holding on to them is that it frees up your space to a huge extend. So many times, we don’t realize how many irrelevant things we are keeping with us unless we opt for a clean-up. Once you get rid of your old car you will be surprised by the amount of space that’s left in your garage for you to use as per your desires.


It can be quite an eyesore if you store the unused car in your yard or garage. Cleaning up will definitely impress your guests. So, if you are planning a clean-up anytime soon, make sure to call us to get your hands off the car and earn some instant cash!

For more information on recycling, or sell my car for cash today, get in touch with the metal recyclers in Wollongong at Metal Force Recycling!

Reach Out to Metal Force Recycling

Staying in Wollongong if you have a car in your possession that has gotten all rusty and outdated then Metal Force Recycling is who you call. We will offer you instant quotes once you fill out our query form and submit it online. All details we need from you are name, contact, address, car details, etc. Accordingly, we will offer you a lucrative quote against the old/unused car and get it picked from your premises on the same day while paying you on-spot cash. If you have any queries feel free to call us at 0403191732.

Leading Cash For Cars In Wollongong Service Provider

Metal Force Recycling brings you the most reliable CASH FOR CARS IN WOLLONGONG services so that you can get rid of your unwanted car right NOW effortlessly! Go ahead and begin the easy process by calling us directly or logging on to our web.

Get in touch for the easiest process ever:


We are always ready to serve you by buying your old, unwanted and junk car from you and paying you cash on the spot. We buy cars and vehicles of any make and model regardless of their current condition. We don’t leave your car to rot after buying it from you. Instead, we dispose of it in the most eco-friendly way possible to keep the environment safe. We are the leading CASH FOR CARS service provider in WOLLONGONG that will not leave you alone at any step of the way. Our dedicated team will be right by your side, always guiding you and taking care of it all like our own.

We have a wide network of buyers and wreckers due to our extensive experience in the industry. This network enables us to bring you the best prices and offers. So, get in contact with us now to get the best possible offer for your car and get it out of your way in the most effortless way.