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Cash For Scrap Cars Sydney: Things That Can Be Recycled for Cash!

Every year, thousands of people are opting for cash for scrap cars in Sydney. This is a popular way to get rid of cars that are no longer roadworthy. Through cash for scrap cars in Sydney, you can earn instant cash and help the environment as well!

Wondering why scrap yards are so interested in old cars? That’s because vehicles have so many parts that can be recycled for cash. Scrap yards salvage and recycle these parts and then sell them to manufacturing businesses or buyers who are looking for affordable auto parts.

So, What Are The Car Parts That Can Still Be Sold? 

Scrap Metal 

Your old car may have lost its appeal and functionality, but that doesn’t mean it’s no longer valuable. It still is, especially if you are talking about scrap metal worth. The biggest factor that affects a scrap yard’s price offer is your car’s scrap metal worth. That’s because your car is made of different types of metals like steel, aluminium, and copper, materials that are also commonly used in creating automobiles, aircraft, ships, appliances, and consumer products.

To compute the worth, the scrap yard will multiply the current prices of scrap metal in the market by the weight of your car.


If your car only has exterior damage but still has a working engine, then it is more likely to fetch good deals from auto wreckers. The engine is the most in-demand second-hand car parts because brand-new ones are very expensive to buy!

Even if your engine isn’t working, it can still be recycled for its aluminium. It can be rebuilt into eco-friendlier version so that it will emit less greenhouse gases.


Did you know that tires are some of the most toxic types of waste? But thanks to scrap yards, there are fewer tires in the landfills. Tires are non-biodegradable. They can contaminate the land and water because of the carcinogens and heavy metals that they have. Good thing, tires can be recycled.

Tires can be a good source of fuel. It is better than fuel derived from coal. A bunch of new products can also be made using recycled tires. These include rubberised asphalt, railroad tires, playground turf, and rubber flooring.


Your car’s windshields will be pulverized to become brand-new windshields for cars. But sometimes, they are also used to make new products such as bottles, vases, and fiber glass insulation.

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