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Choose Metal Force Recycling When Selling Your Car In Sydney

You can get the highest amount in cash for used cars Sydney has to offer. How is this possible, you ask? It’s easy when you deal with Metal Force Recycling. We are one of the few car buyers in Sydney who offer up to $9,000 cash for your unwanted, old, or junk car.

Selling your old vehicle to a car dealer or a scrapyard company can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what to expect. If it’s your first time then contact us to know more about what we offer and how we can help you. We can’t arrange a car dealership for you because that’s not what we do. Our work is to collect your old vehicle for recycling it or selling the parts that are still salvageable. You benefit from this process as you get to earn a sizeable amount on the same day that you sell your unwanted car.

However, if you are considering first approaching a car dealer then you need to understand the factors they consider too.

What to consider during car dealerships

Unlike scrap yards that offer you instant cash, there’s more to mull over with trading in your old vehicle with car dealers. The first factor to consider is the vehicle inventory. A car dealer will prioritise selling off cars that have sat longer in their space. So, they could sell the car for a lower price. You could trade in your car for a better bargain.

However, car dealers also have a limit during the bargaining process. They have to adhere to strict guidelines on pricing that involves the manufacturer’s employees and suppliers. 

There are other considerations to make when selling your car to a car dealer. Prices are curtailed if you have an interstate car. If you do not have a valid insurance certificate and if your car does not aesthetically suit their needs.

One component that will increase the price value of your car is that if you have added accessories. The components could include leather seats, branded music system, a rearview camera, and reverse sensors, among other important accessories.

Therefore, a major cut is either possible or not based on the amount you had in mind. A car dealership can involve days of negotiating a price until the two parties finally agree with an amount that benefits both.

How is a scrap metal merchant different?

Car buyers in Sydney need not just be the dealer. You can also approach scrap metal merchants like us at Metal Force Recycling. Our expert team will assess the condition of your car and offer you a price you cannot refuse.

We do not see the make of your car or how many parts you have added. The factors that we require are the registration papers of your car and information on the extent of the damage. Also, if you do not have the keys to your car, this would affect our pricing with you by a small margin. Your car may not be in working condition but that’s okay; we’ll take that too.