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Contact Metal Force Recycling in Sydney Today to Get Rid of That Old Vehicle

Admit it—your old vehicle is becoming a nuisance each day. Unfortunately, many car owners share the same sentiment, leading them to get rid of the hunk of metal as soon as possible. It’s your turn to do the same, and luckily, you can earn cash for an old car in Sydney during the process!

Why you should get rid of your vehicles and earn cash for an old car in Sydney

  • Save time

If you’ve ever tried to sell your car to a dealer in the past, you know how difficult it is to get a good price. Sadly, most dealerships only offer the wholesale price for a used vehicle, and even less if the car has damages or a history of accidents.

One popular alternative involves searching for a private buyer, allowing you to set a much higher price for your car. However, you’ll need to do everything yourself, from advertising your vehicle to preparing the paperwork and setting up a test drive.

If you’re looking for a quick and hassle-free option, car removal services are the best way to go.

  • Minimise pollution

Unfortunately, leaving a junk car on your property is just as bad for the environment as driving it. Old, worn-out, or damaged vehicles tend to leak harmful fluids, such as engine oil, gas, and coolant, leaving them to seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater.

Not only that but unused junk cars can attract all sorts of pests. As an Australian, you may be used to seeing a variety of creatures roaming around. However, these pesky critters can lead to infestation and carry disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

  • Gain more space

Is your home littered with old appliances and junk cars? These can make your property look unsightly, turning off your neighbours and passers-by. Your garage can still be used for more productive purposes, so it’s time to let go of your unwanted scrap.

  • Make quick cash

Junk vehicles contain significant scrap metals, making them incredibly valuable. Also, they have various spare parts that can be recovered and reused, such as the engine, transmission system, and wheels and tyres.

Do you want to earn some cash for an old car in Sydney? Make your life easier and contact Metal Force Recycling! We are a fully established and licensed scrap metal merchant based in Fairfield East, dealing in old, unwanted, damaged, and junk vehicles.

Luckily, our car removal process is simple, and you can complete it in just a few steps. Just call us at 0403 191 732, provide your vehicle’s details and your contact information, and agree to our quote. Then, you can schedule a free pick-up service and receive up to $9000, depending on your car’s condition, right on the spot!