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Find The Best Scrap Copper Prices In Sydney

Copper is one of the metals that are in high demand in the scrap industry, so if you have any copper materials in your home, you might want to sell them for top cash instead of throwing them away. Copper may be present in bracelets, cufflinks, or belt buckles, as well as roofing, motor parts, copper wires, piping, equipment, appliances, or even in a junk car. If you have anything to sell, you can reach out to a used motor dealer company and ask for a copper scrap price quote.

How Much Can You Get By Selling Copper?

Scrap metal prices constantly fluctuate because the material is a commodity that is traded similarly to the way oil and gold are. In Sydney, copper scrap price will vary on the demand and supply for the material. Since we’re in a big city, there are typically a lot of scrap metals available to us and other metal yards. The prices may not be as high as what you can find in other places in Australia, but there are still reputable used motor dealers who are willing to pay a fair sum of cash for your scrap copper. Our current price for #1, #2, or #Dom copper is at $0.60 to $.80 per kilogram.

Types Of Copper You Can Sell

An established and professional scrap copper buyer may be looking for copper insulated high-grade or low-grade wire, fridge compressors, electric motors, and shiny copper. By selling copper to us, you could do your part in encouraging the reuse of the material to save a lot of energy that is potentially wasted in extracting new copper from natural reserves.

Get Quotes From Different Companies

Of course, we understand that you want to get the highest cash offer for selling copper. That’s why we think it’s also wise to compare copper scrap price quotes from at least two different leading companies.

But before you pick the highest cash offer, make sure that the entire process of selling copper is convenient to you. Look for a buyer that can provide a free quote. If you are selling a scrap car, make sure you’re provided with free paperwork and towing.

Get The Best Cash Offer For Copper In Sydney Now!

Call 0403 191 732 and our team here at Metal Force Recycling will provide a copper scrap price quote, which we’re confident you’ll like. That’s because we are known to offer up to $9,000 or more, especially for scrap cars! So, if you have any old, unwanted, or junk car just sitting in your garage to deteriorate, consider selling it to us for top cash. You could also check unwanted equipment and appliances for copper wires, motor pipes, piping, and other parts that you could sell. As leading copper scrap buyers, we’re willing to pay top dollar no matter the condition, weight, and size.