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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Car Wrecking Business in Australia

Do you have a scrap or junk car that’s just in your garage? Car wrecking lets you get rid of it with ease while minimising your environmental impact. It encourages the reuse and recycling of metal parts and vehicle components to reduce the need to manufacture brand new materials and lessen the waste that goes into landfills.

Sounds promising? It is, and it might make you want to try it soon when you learn that it pays top dollar for junk cars. But before you leave and find a car wrecker near you, be sure to learn more about the process and do your homework on Australian wreckers before selling your car to them.

Not All Car Wreckers Are Created Equal

Like many industries, car wrecking has some bad eggs. We’re talking about the stolen car market, which you may have already heard of. Cars are stolen and dismantled for parts, which are then sold off. Authorities are challenged as they try to crack down on businesses doing illegal work. That’s because of the lower prices for second-hand cars and technology, which is making it easier to steal some cars and sell the parts anonymously online.

In some cases, car wreckers may be operating legally as a business in Australia but their books may not be up-to-date or accurate. They’re unable to notify the register of written-off vehicles and conduct full criminal history checks, among other problems. Some wreckers may also be non-compliant with OHS and environmental protection regulations.

Always Get To Know And Verify The Wrecker

That said, credible industry insiders are assuring that there are licensed and trustworthy car wrecking businesses in Australia. These include car removal companies and scrap metal merchants, which also provide cash for cars services. Industry insiders recommend that you do your homework on the wrecker to verify its reputation, credibility, and trustworthiness. It also helps to read reviews and testimonials from people who successfully sold their cars to a particular wrecker, so you can gain some insights on the quality and speed of the service and their overall experience.

It Should Be Speedy And Free

One thing reputable industry insiders agree on is that reliable car wrecking should be a quick and free service that always considers the best interests of the scrap metal and junk car sellers. Leading car removal businesses and scrap metal merchants offer free quotes, pick-up and towing, and paperwork, and they pay on the spot when they get your vehicle.

Prices Vary

The payout for your scrap car will depend on many factors, including its condition. So, it’s best to compare price quotes from at least two credible car wreckers in your area. Metal Force Recycling offers dependable and free car wrecking services in Sydney, and you can easily get a quote by calling 0403 191 732. We could pay up to $9,000, depending on your car’s condition, so be sure to call us or use our online form to get an estimate soon!