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His Old Car Earned Him A Profit Of $4,000 Easily

I wanted to sell my car for Cryptocurrency. I live in Sydney and have been making transactions through Bitcoins (BTC) for the past five to six years. Given its advantages, I believe it is convenient; transactions are private and known to me. When I wanted to give away my junk 4X4, I visited several car seller showrooms regarding prices. The last deal I got was $3,500 for an exchange of a similar model. I wasn’t satisfied with any of the options or the offers I had in hand. So, naturally, I waited until I could think of some other way to get rid of my car.

A few weeks after, my colleague informed me that I could earn cash for cars in Sydney. He directed me to Metal Force Recycling. It is a metal merchant company. I wasn’t all too impressed by his suggestion but decided that there was no harm in finding out. They asked a few logical questions like was my car damaged, or is it just old, and similar questions. To my surprise, they offered me a total of $7,850 to take my car and send it to the scrap yard. All I needed to show for it was my driver’s license and my photo ID. I agreed to the deal. I received the money via my Bitcoin account. All thanks to my trusted colleague.

The person above could be you if you consider selling your old metal to a scrap yard. Several others are growing in the number, giving away their metal machines for better prices.

Digital versus Fiat Currencies

An increasing number of metal merchant companies are opening their doors to digital currencies. “Can I sell my car for Cryptocurrency?” is a question heard in one out of 8 calls. So, scrap metal companies have set up accounts for instant digital transactions. Customers prefer discretion, and BTC offers just that!

However, companies will continue to credit cash-in-hand for traditional customers comfortable with this mode of payment. One of the leading metal merchants gives cash for old cars in Sydney, “Many customers want the money for immediate use as well, so we pay them as soon as we tow the car.” representative of Metal Force Recycling.

Benefits of dealing with leading metal merchant companies

There are several advantages associated with selling old cars to scrap yards.

Metal Force Recycling offers the following benefits:

  1. Quick quote over the phone or via email
  2. Various modes of payment options
  3. Instant cash for cars
  4. Same-day car pick-up if booked before 2.00 PM
  5. Free car removal
  6. No need for Rego Slips
  7. Need not be a drivable car
  8. Need proof of ID with a photo or driver’s license
  9. Sydney-wide coverage for a car pick-up

As businesses are in the growing need of metal, your old car would prove to be the cheapest option. Manufacturing companies would use parts of your vehicle to reconstruct strong metal. The recycling of this metal also reduces landfill heaps that help save the environment.