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How Car Wrecker Companies Offer Free Towing Services

Letting go of your car is necessary when it’s too damaged or wrecked beyond repair. Besides, there’s no use keeping a junk vehicle you can no longer drive. The problem is that no regular car buyer will want to buy it because of its condition. In that case, you can turn to licensed car wreckers, and they will gladly buy it from you.

Get top cash offers

 A car wrecking company is your best option for getting rid of a damaged or junk car and getting paid top dollar. Despite its condition, your vehicle could still fetch some cash, and reputable wreckers will ensure the most competitive price, which may be higher than the average you could get when you sell it in the marketplace or to scrap dealers. Seasoned wreckers carefully inspect the features and condition of the vehicle to provide a fair quote.

Free towing

Another reason to sell your junk vehicle to car wreckers: you don’t have to bring it to them or pay a towing company to do it for you. They offer free Sydney-wide towing services, so you don’t have to go anywhere to get rid of your car. It’s a convenient service that eliminates the need to waste more time finding a third-party towing company. You could even book the removal the same day you accept the cash offer or schedule it at a more convenient date and time.

How can wreckers afford to offer free towing services?

Reputable wreckers are licensed and established scrap metal merchants and car removal companies in Sydney. They buy all types of non-ferrous and ferrous metals, including scrap, junk, and unwanted vehicles of any make, model, or year. Professional wreckers have strong international and domestic trades and exports, allowing them to pay optimum prices to sellers. 

Car wreckers make cash by selling, recycling, or reusing the spare parts they get from wrecked cars. They want to offer convenience sellers to encourage them to sell their unwanted cars to them, and they achieve this by providing free towing.

Some of the best wreckers can pick up vehicles anywhere in Sydney, including New Castle, Central Coast, and Wollongong. A qualified team will come to you to fetch your vehicle, conduct a final inspection, and pay the cash on the spot before removing your car.

Make sure it’s free!

There’s no catch when you rely on the towing services of reputable car wreckers in Sydney. That means you shouldn’t have to pay for anything to get rid of your junk vehicle, and the team responsible for towing won’t charge you.

Sell your car to us

Connect with trustworthy car wreckers at Metal Force Recycling by calling 0403 191 732. We’ll provide a competitive quote that’s hard to refuse, and if you accept it, we’ll pick up your car for free. Our team will even take care of the paperwork. We pay top dollar for cars, no matter their make, model, or year. You can expect to receive up to $9,000 for your vehicle, depending on the condition.