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How Do I Know If It’s Metal For Recycling Or Trash To Throw Away?

Sydney metal recycling is helping efforts to improve Australia’s environmental health and reduce manufacturing waste. It ensures cleaner and safer public spaces free of unwanted debris that could be hazardous to the environment and community. Moreover, it reduces the need to manufacture new metals and minimises carbon emissions and mining.

You can easily find old and junk metals around you, but the challenge is knowing if they’re recyclable or not. So, here’s a guide to help you identify unwanted materials and determine if they’re metal for recycling or disposal.

What Do You Have?

You should figure out the exact type of metal you have. It’s as simple as classifying it as either ferrous or nonferrous scrap with the help of a magnet. If the magnet attracts the material, it’s ferrous, such as steel or iron. Otherwise, it’s a nonferrous metal like copper, brass, aluminium, or bronze.

Next, Let’s Discuss How Certain Materials Are Considered For Sydney Metal Recycling.


Aluminium is found commonly in drink cans and other objects like doors, window frames, roofing, and gutters. The material is known for its malleability and versatility, and it’s widely recycled to save energy and pollution. Aluminium is reduced often into small chips by shredding before smelting.


You already know how to pick out steel with a magnet. Now, you should learn how to recycle it. The best thing to do is ensure it’s still intact without any damage, so you can get more cash from it. Get in touch with a licensed scrap metal merchant for a free estimate to know its value. Recycled steel is practical for many applications, including parts for new boats and cars.


Copper is identifiable by its reddish hue, but only if it’s in reasonable or good condition. Otherwise, it will be brown or slightly darker when worn out. Sometimes, it may appear green when affected by corrosion. Only quality copper qualifies for Sydney metal recycling, so it can be made into billets or ingots when melted. You’ll easily find the material in wiring, radiators, fridge compressors, and electric motors.

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Check with the scrap metal merchant for the types of metals they accept for recycling. They can also give a free quote to help you determine the value of your scrap metals.

When you’re ready for Sydney metal recycling, call Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732, and our team will give an instant quote. You can book the pickup instantly or at a more convenient schedule if you like our offer. We buy many types of ferrous and nonferrous metals. If you’re unsure about the metals you have, call us, and we’ll help you figure it out! We’re a licensed and established scrap metal merchant you can trust.