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How Much Is Commercial Scrap Brass Value?

Is scrap brass worth anything? Little do people know that brass scrap prices can range from $3 to $5.50 per kilogram, depending on several factors. Brass is one of the most valuable scrap metals, alongside copper, aluminium, lead, and silver.

Here are the factors that can affect your brass scrap prices:

  • Quality and amount

Where did your brass scrap come from? Depending on their source, your scraps could either be very clean or full of contaminants. And, of course, metal recyclers will pay more money for a kilogram of clean and uncontaminated scraps.

Because of this, you should make sure your scrap metals are in their best shape before sending them to a recycler. Hence, you must remove any trace of dirt and dangerous substances, including asbestos, soil, gas, and corrosive liquids.

Another tip to increase the price of your scraps is to separate them. For instance, if you’re trying to recycle a bunch of plumbing fixtures, make sure to separate the brass taps and water meters from the copper pipes.

  • Time and location

Scrap metal prices can change every season— depending on how they affect manufacturers and factories. For example, during the winter, you can expect steel prices to rise because it’s much harder for mills to source scrap steel. Meanwhile, summer and spring are great times for the scrap metal market, with prices steadily rising due to the activity of the automotive and construction industries.

Your location can also play a role in scrap metal prices. For instance, your town may not have a dedicated scrap metal processing yard if you live far from the city. The scraps require to be sent to a larger facility, so you can expect prices to be much lower.

  • Supply and demand

Like most products, the prices of scrap metals are governed by the laws of supply and demand. But remember that scrap metals are used worldwide, so international trade also affects supply and demand.

Consider China, for instance. China is one of Australia’s biggest importers of metal waste, buying over 200,000 tonnes annually. If China’s demand for scrap steel grows, you can expect the local supply to dwindle, making steel waste more valuable.

Also, look at the market prices of new metals as an indicator. For example, if new brass is becoming more expensive, companies will start sourcing scrap brass instead, subsequently raising the brass scrap prices.

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