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How To Choose The Best Metal Recyclers In Sydney?

Is your search for a trusted Sydney metal recycler taking longer than usual? If you’re in a hurry to get rid of your scraps, here are some tips to save time and find the best recycler to take your business to:

Top Factors To Consider When Finding The Best Sydney Metal Recyclers

Location And Operating Hours

Many people overlook the location and accessibility of a company, especially if they’re prioritising profit over convenience. But choosing a metal recycler that’s located outside of Sydney will cost you more money in the long run.

Why is this the case? Unfortunately, some recyclers may charge you extra for the transport of metals, which defeats the purpose of selling your scraps in the first place. In addition, other companies could take days to accept your requests, watching your time in the process. This is why going local is best.

Variety Of Metals Accepted

What types of metal are accepted by the recycler? Most companies will buy common materials such as steel and aluminium; however, not all will take rarer metals such as copper, brass, and lead.

Here’s a tip to make things easier for you: Determine if your metals are ferrous or non-ferrous. Separating them into categories can help you find recyclers that deal in specific materials, saving you time and energy!


If you’re new to the scrap metal business, one thing you should note is that their value can quickly fluctuate. Minor price changes can be due to their quality and amount, but overall, they are significantly affected by the laws of supply and demand. For example, more commonly used metals such as steel and aluminium are less valuable, while rare copper scraps are value more.

It’s best to compare various recyclers and see if their prices differ drastically from each other. If so, always go for the ones offering better values!

Additional Services

Top metal recyclers in Sydney may offer additional services, such as junk car removal, weighbridge services, and scrap bin collection. So even if you’re not planning to sell your scrap anytime soon, a trusted company can still help you in related areas!


Last but not least, find Sydney metal recyclers known best for their excellent customer service. It would help if you interviewed the company beforehand, asking about their goals as a business. This step is crucial if you plan on working with the recycler for an extended period.

One of the best Sydney metal recyclers is Metal Force Recycling. We are a licensed and established scrap metal merchant dealing in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and offering the best prices you’ll find in Sydney. Call us at 0403 191 732 now to see what our recyclers can do for you!