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How To Get The Best Scrap Metal Prices In Sydney

If you will look at different scrap companies or wrecking yards, you will notice the differences in scrap metal prices in Sydney. This is why it’s wise for anyone who wishes to sell scrap to shop around and compare quotes. Many companies have their scrap metal prices in Sydney posted on their website, making the selling process easier for you. You can also give them a call so you can ensure that the prices posted are the latest.

That said, comparing prices is not the only way to get top dollar for your scrap. Below are many other helpful tips and tricks that can make sure you are getting the most cash from your scrap metal.

Check The Scrap Metal Prices In The Market

Scams in the scrapping industry are sadly quite common. One way to avoid getting ripped off is to be informed about the current prices of scrap in your area. Armed with knowledge, you can easily evaluate a buyer’s reliability. Those that give offers that seem to be much higher than the current prices are probably up to no good. It is possible that they’re just trying to lure you into selling them, but in reality, they won’t pay you.

What you should be looking for are companies that give reasonable and realistic scrap metal prices that are close to the current prices in the market.

Collect Scrap Before Selling 

The value of scrap metal is highly dependent on its weight. The more scrap metals you have, the heavier they are, the more cash you will earn. So, instead of making a weekly trip to the scrapyard, why not wait until you have a truckload of scrap? This will fetch you more revenue and save you cash.

Clean Your Scrap Metal

Quality also matters when it comes to scrap metals. Don’t expect to get a lot of cash from scrap covered in corrosion. Before selling, consider cleaning them. Remove any non-metal material like plastic. If you are selling old faucets, drains, and copper pipes, then clear out the blockages or thick build-up.

Find A Company That Recycles Scrap

Most scrap yards don’t fully process scrap metals but simply sort them. They send them to another place for further processing. Thus, they can’t give a high offer because they have to account for the cost of transporting scrap to another facility.

Sending your scrap directly to the recycling facility is often the best thing to do. They are more likely to give you a better deal because they have the machinery and resources at hand.

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