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How To Identify The Different Types Of Steel Scrap You Have

Do you have some old appliances and cars lying around at home? You might want to consider recycling them. These household items are full of metals like steel, aluminium, and copper, allowing you to earn cash from top steel scrap prices in Sydney.

Types Of Steel Scrap

For most people, anything that looks like a silvery, shiny piece of metal is just steel. But did you know that steel can be classified into several subcategories?

Knowing What Types Of Steel You Have Can Make Recycling And Finding Steel Scrap Prices So Much Easier. Here’s What You Need To Know:

  • Heavy-Gauge Steel

Also known as structural steel, it is primarily found in heavy-duty construction projects due to its strength and flexibility. For example, heavy-gauge steel is commonly used in buildings, bridges, and industrial plants.

  • Clean Light Gauge Steel

You might recognise this type of steel better as roofing sheets made with a combination of zinc and aluminium. In addition, it is used in light residential and commercial constructions, including fences and filing cabinets.

  • Unclean Light Gauge Steel

Your refrigerator, freezer, and washing machine are all great sources of steel, primarily a type known as white goods. Additionally, this metal is widely used in bicycles, weight benches, and lawnmowers.

  • Car Steel

Did you know that the average vehicle comprises 65% steel and iron? Moreover, part of it comes from recycled steel. So the body of your car, as well as its wheels, brakes, engines, and other components are excellent sources of scrap metal.

Now You Are Familiar With The Different Types Of Scrap Steel Better. But What If It’s Mixed With Other Metals? If You’re Having Trouble Identifying Which Is Which, Here Are A Few Pro Tips:

  • Use a magnet to separate your metals. If the material sticks to the magnet, then it’s likely steel. If it doesn’t, it could be a variety of non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper, or lead.
  • Don’t have a magnet at home? Don’t worry; you can quickly identify metals by colour. Steel is more on the silvery side, while copper is usually red, and brass is slightly yellow. If the material is painted, make sure to scrape off the paint before sorting.
  • Another way is to compare different metals according to their weight. Generally, steel is heavier than aluminium; however, it is less dense than lead. If you want to weigh them more accurately, you can look for professional weighbridge services in your area.

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