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How You Can Sell Your Car In Just A Few Minutes?

We live in a world filled with a constant motion from one task to another. It is only natural that our commutes from one place to another get the best set of wheels. So, what brings us back to giving away old cars and how can it help us get a new car? This is because it’s no longer about giving away old or junk cars to the scrapyard but instead earning from it.

At Metal Force Recycling, we offer cash for damaged cars. We also offer cash for junk cars and cash for scrap cars. We’re private car buyers and the best in our trade. We look forward to collecting metals that you no longer need. The core mission of our professional services is to clear landfills by 65% each year in Sydney and help preserve the environment.

As we are also private car buyers, we make sure you get the best deal on your private vehicle.

We are not your regular private car buyers

When you sell your vehicle to us, we do not concern ourselves with the make of your car, its current condition, or whether it is damaged. In a way, we do assess the extent of damage that may guide us in quoting prices but we accept and pay cash for damaged cars as well.

At a car dealership company, the dealer will figure out the best possible way to lower the selling price of your car. You end up feeling like you are on the wrong side of the bargain. You have no choice but to go with the deal, or do you?! You have an alternate option when it comes to Metal Force Recycling.

We even offer cash for junk cars. We have buyers from automobile companies waiting to buy spare parts from us at cheaper rates. They pay us for the parts they need from your car. We give you a percentage of our profits too. This amounts to up to $9,000 in cash. Do you still want to visit the car dealership guy for a lesser bargain?

While dealership companies take into consideration a lot of factors before buying your car, we take the shorter route. Our motto is to help you complete the selling of your old car in the quickest way possible. Free your hands from the scrap car you’ve been keeping in your garage for ages. As soon as the deal is done and you agree with the price we quote, the date for car removal is set. Once we collect your car, you get paid in cash on the same day.

So, if you have your eyes on a new set of wheels, why not sell the old one first? We offer sweet deals with cash for damaged cars, junk and scrap cars too. Get extra cash through our offers that will make it easier for you to buy your new dream car.

You can find out more about our offers on cash for cars by getting in touch with us.