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In Our Lives, The Importance Of Car Removal Services

There’s no purpose in keeping an old car for yourself. Chances are, you’ll never use it again, more so if it’s damaged beyond repair. So instead of letting it gather dust in your garage, why not take it to the nearest car removal company?

How Car Removal Can Positively Impact Our Lives

No one is stopping you from exploring other ways to get rid of your vehicle, of course. You can sell it to a dealership or a private buyer if you wish. But would the deal be of value ?

Most of the time, dealers will only offer you the wholesale price for a vehicle and you can’t expect top dollar for an old, unwanted, or damaged ride. And while it’s possible to get better offers from private parties, the downside is, you’ll need to look for those potential buyers yourself.

So what about vehicle removal? If you’re unfamiliar with the service, it involves removing junk, scrap, and accident vehicles from public and private properties and using them for a secondary purpose. You don’t have to find a buyer because the vehicle removal company will come to you, ready to pay for your car. Additionally, the recycling process offers incredible benefits for the environment:

  • Minimise Toxic Waste

Remember the last time you went to the service station? If you haven’t emptied the tank in years, most of its gas has already leaked into the soil. This isn’t great for the environment. Oil, brake fluid, and battery acid can contaminate air and water. The good news is that recyclers will make sure to dispose of these toxic wastes the right way, preventing them from polluting our planet.

  • Reuse Scrap Metal

Every part of your car can be recycled, including its frame. The average vehicle contains numerous metals or non-renewable resources that require tons of energy to mine.

Recycling a vehicle allows you to recover its scrap metals, which can be processed and reused for new products. Plus, did you know that Australia recovers about 5 million tonnes of metal waste each year?

  • Repurpose Spare Parts

Besides your vehicle’s metal frame, its spare components can also be recycled. Wheels and tyres, batteries, engines, and catalytic converters are highly valued, and you can sell them for great prices.

In addition, repurposing a car’s spare parts prevents them from ending up in landfills, minimising pollution, and promoting proper waste disposal.

That’s not all—vehicle recycling can also be profitable. You can earn up to $9000 in cash for your car depending on its condition. There’s no hassle of finding or negotiating with a private buyer.

Do you want to learn more about how car removal works? It only takes a few steps—evaluation, towing, and payment—and we can guide you throughout the process. Just call Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732, and our professional recyclers will take care of the rest.