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Metal Force Recycling Sydney Provides Free Scrap Metal Removal and Disposal

Do you have some old cars, refrigerators, or construction materials lying around in your home? Unless you’re planning to start your own recycling shop, you have little to no use for these products. So instead, why not schedule scrap metal pick-up in Sydney?

The benefits of scrap metal pick-up in Sydney

  • Convenient

Metal recycling is not as simple as separating your biodegradable rubbish from non-biodegradable scraps. The process requires specialised equipment and expert knowledge of various types of metal, which should be left to professionals.

Luckily, starting your metal recycling journey is as easy as calling a licensed recycler in your area. Leading companies will offer pick-up services straight from your location, with scrap bin drop-off, collection and accurate weighbridge services.

  • Eco-friendly

If you no longer have a use for an old appliance or car, you shouldn’t just leave it rusting in your home. Metal recycling has a positive and significant effect on the environment. Your scraps can even be recycled over and over centuries in the future.

Overall, the metal recycling industry helps preserve non-renewable natural resources, conserve energy, minimise waste, and reduce the risk of air, soil, and water pollution. In addition, it can help create more landfill space.

  • Increased space

Speaking of space, how much do you have left at home? Metals often make up large objects, such as vehicles, appliances, and construction materials. These products can take up a lot of space in your garage or shed, making your property seem disorganised and cramped.

Perhaps it’s time to get rid of these space-consuming items and sell them as scrap. Thus, you can finally park your new car properly or replace your broken washing machine.

  • Extra cash

In a bit of a financial rut? Money may not grow on trees, but you can exchange it for metal. Scrap metals are valuable and recyclers are willing to pay good prices for them. For instance, selling a tonne of scrap stainless steel can earn you up to $1600.

How to get scrap metal pick-up in Sydney

  • Contact Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732
  • Provide your name, contact number, email address, and preferred pick-up location
  • Let us know about the type of your scrap and its estimated weight
  • Obtain a free quote
  • Schedule your pick-up
  • Receive on-the-spot cash payment after we pick up your scrap metals

Metal Force Recycling offers some of the best prices for scrap metals in Sydney. For instance, we can pay you up to $1.80 per kilogram of aluminium, $2/kg of lead,$5.50/kg of brass, and $11.50/kg of copper.

In addition, we are fully licensed to purchase and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, ensuring that our processes are safe and environmentally friendly.