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Metal Recyclers In Sydney Specialise In Collecting Metals Safely And Efficiently

Did you know that Australia manufactures over 5 million tonnes of metal each year? But don’t be fooled—not all of these materials come from newly mined ore. Instead, a significant part of the country’s metal production comes from recycled products supplied by companies in metal recycling in Sydney. 

How Metal Recycling In Sydney Works

The great thing about metal is that it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its qualities. Because of this, companies can continuously make use of scrap metals for their products, unlike other resources, like plastic and paper.

However, Recycling Metals Takes More Than Just Throwing Them In A Specialised Bin And Calling It A Day. You Must Send Them To An Experienced Recycler With The Proper Equipment, Ensuring That They Undergo The Entire Process:

  • Collection And Sorting

First, recycling companies in Sydney must collect scrap metals from various sources. For example, they can offer you cash for your junk vehicles and buy waste copper, aluminium, steel, and brass from old appliances and structures.

Then, the scraps are separated according to their type. Most companies will use a magnet to speed up the process; however, some metals can also be sorted based on their colour and weight.

  • Processing And Melting

After separating the scraps into ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the recycler will shred them for further processing. This step makes the material easier to melt due to the larger surface area to volume ratio.

Each metal is melted in a furnace set to its specific melting point, a process that takes about a few minutes to hours.

  • Purification

Scrap metals often contain several contaminants, depending on their source. For example, a steel roofing sheet can have traces of dirt, while aluminium cans may still have residue from food.

As a result, the purification process ensures that the final product is free of contaminants and harmful substances.

  • Solidifying

Once purification is completed, the melted metals are cooled and solidified on a conveyor belt. In addition, they are shaped into different forms, such as sheets for aluminium and blocks for steel, for easy transport.

  • Transportation

Finally, the recycled metals are transported to various factories for reuse. This includes automobile manufacturers, food packaging suppliers, and electronics providers.

Metal recycling is necessary not only because it’s cost-effective, but also due to its environmental benefits. For instance, recycling aluminium requires 95% less energy than mining and processing new ore. In addition, it prevents waste from piling up in landfills, conserves natural resources, and protects the local flora and fauna.

And luckily, metal recycling in Sydney is accessible to all. You can sell your old appliances, junk vehicles, and other scraps to Metal Force Recycling — a fully licensed scrap metal merchant offering top cash for your waste.

You can contact us at 0403 191 732 to obtain a free quote and schedule your pick-up from anywhere in Sydney.