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Metal Scrap Can Be Found Around The House And Converted Into Cash

Whether you’re renovating your home or doing a major cleanup, you’re likely to encounter some scrap metals. They could be in the form of door fixtures, aluminium, old belt buckles, faulty appliances, and damaged electronic devices. You may already be familiar with the concept of selling junk metal for cash, but do you know how profitable it can be? We made a list of materials you can sell as metal scrap in Sydney for a good sum. Don’t worry, we made sure you can find these metals around your house!


Seasoned scrap metal merchants love to buy copper and are willing to offer the best prices due to the high demand. By 2027, copper’s global demand may reach 30 million tonnes. It’s a common household metal that you can find in old cookware, plumbing, wiring, electrical appliances, and home decorations. Although the price of scrap metal is volatile and dependent on market trends, the copper grade you have can affect the cash you’ll receive.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel contains around 10 per cent chromium, a component that makes it more rust-resistant than other iron-based metals. The value of stainless steel as metal scrap in Sydney, is influenced by its chromium content. That makes it potentially more valuable than other ferrous metals.

And it’s easy to find at home! Check out old sinks, kitchen appliances, lighting elements, some automotive parts, and cookware. Just make sure the stainless steel parts are clean.


Brass may be cheaper than copper, but it’s still valuable. It has a golden shine when rust-resistant and clean, making it on demand. You’ll find it in many old metallic objects, such as drawer pulls, vintage ornaments, piping, doorknobs, and some bed frames.


Do you buy canned drinks? You’ll have a good reason to keep the aluminium cans now because you can sell them as metal scrap in Sydney. Besides that, you can find aluminium from old and damaged electronic devices, old fencing, cookware, bakeware, and bike frames. The material is valuable for its rust resistance, softness, malleability, and versatility. Moreover, it’s one of the most widely recycled metals to reduce waste and carbon emissions.


Tin is typically applied to coat other metals, like steel and copper, serving as an additional protective layer and preventing rusting. Some examples are tin-coated copper wires, tin cans, and some baking pans.

Cast Iron

Cast iron is heavy and may fetch a decent cash in huge quantities. You can find it in old bathtubs, boilers, radiators, and some cookware.

When you have any metal scrap in your Sydney home, call Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732 for an instant quote. We’ll even take care of the pickup at no extra cost! We buy all kinds of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals and promise top cash offers for them.