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Processes, Advantages, And Business Of Stainless Steel Recycling

Is recycling your scrap stainless steel value it? Current stainless steel scrap prices might not seem like much, but recycling can become a very lucrative business over time if you know what you’re doing. Don’t hesitate to contact your local recycler and get rid of your old scraps.

How Stainless Steel Is Recycled

Stainless steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Almost 60% of today’s new stainless steel comes from scraps, all thanks to the metal’s 100% recyclability.

What’s Great About Stainless Steel Objects Is That They Rarely Become Waste. Instead, They Undergo A Specialised Recycling Process:

  • Sorting

Stainless steel can come from various sources, from food processing units to medical implants and household appliances. But this also means they are mixed with other metals, such as aluminium or copper. Hence stainless steel must first be separated from other metals using a magnet or specialised sensor.

  • Processing

Once the stainless steel is separated, it will undergo a quick shredding process. This helps increase the metal’s surface-area-to-volume ratio, making it easier to melt.

  • Melting

Then comes the melting process, which involves a large furnace set to the melting point of stainless steel. This is another reason why metals must be separated from each other. Different types require different melting temperatures.

  • Purification

After melting, the stainless steel must be purified or rid of contaminants. For example, electrolysis involves running a direct current through the metal, separating elements via a chemical reaction.

  • Solidifying

Now molten and purified, the metal will be carried through a conveyor belt until they are cool. In addition, they are shaped into bars or sheets in preparation for the final step.

  • Transportation

Once the recycling process is completed, the stainless steel is transported to various manufacturing plants. They will be used for a brand-new purpose, such as making home appliances or car frames.

The Advantages Of Recycling Stainless Steel

Stainless steel contains around 60% of recycled content. This includes 25% of reclaimed scrap, 35% industrial scrap, and 40% new raw materials. So it’s no surprise that recycling is beneficial for the environment, saving up to 56% of energy compared to freshly mined ore.

Stainless steel recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimising toxic runoffs, groundwater pollution, and physical scars on the Earth. Plus, it’s excellent for the economy, allowing manufacturers to lower the cost of goods while you earn cash from today’s stainless steel scrap prices.

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