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Scrap Car Buyers Can Help You In Disposing Of Vehicle’s Old Batteries

You know it’s time to replace an old vehicle battery when it becomes slow to crank the engine, and the battery light keeps switching on. And it should be prioritised when you notice battery fluid leaks or damage like a bloated or misshapen battery case. But your problem won’t be over after replacing it. You need to ensure the old batteries are disposed of properly. Instead of leaving them in your garage or tossing them in the bin, get in touch with one of the reputable and licensed scrap car buyers in town and let them take care of disposal.

What To Do With An Old Car Battery

Old vehicle batteries must be brought to a scrap metal merchant or a local recycling centre for recycling. We recommend calling a scrap car buyer because they are likely to have the technology, equipment, and expertise to dispose of old batteries and prepare them for recycling. Plus, they can give instant cash when you sell your battery to them!

How Are Old Batteries Disposed Of?

It’s not advisable to dispose of car batteries with typical household waste. That’s because they contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals like lead. Moreover, you could get in trouble with authorities for endangering your community and the environment. It’s better to sell them to reputable scrap car buyers that can safely dismantle them into separate parts for recycling.

The outer plastic casing of a car battery is usually broken down into smaller pellets to be melted and transformed into new housing for other batteries. Lead is also melted into lead ingots for recycling and reuse in new batteries. Any remaining lead oxide will be reused for future batteries. The electrolytes found in old vehicle batteries tend to use sulphuric acid as the conductor. So, they should be rightly disposed of to prevent hazardous toxic fumes from harming people and the environment.

Get Instant Cash For Old Batteries.

A licensed and established scrap car buyer takes the hassle off old car battery disposal by providing a free quote and pickup. No surprise fees there, and they’ll even pay top dollar for your junk. Just be sure to compare the cash offers of local scrap car buyers to find the most competitive quote, and consider choosing a service provider that is insured, licensed, and registered.

How To Dispose Of Old Vehicle’s Battery With A Scrap Car Buyer

If you have some old batteries lying around or you’ve recently upgraded your car battery, call Metal Force Recycling at 0403 191 732 to get a quote from one of the most established scrap car buyers in Sydney. We can offer up to $9,000 or more for scrap cars, depending on their condition. If you like the offer, you can book the free pick up on the same day, and we’ll come to your place to hand you the cash and tow your car.