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Scrap Metal Prices Sydney: Things That May Affect It!

Scrap metal prices in Sydney and the rest of the world fluctuate on a regular basis. If you want to sell some scraps for cash, it might do you good to learn more about how these numbers change. This way, you can go to your local recycler at the right time, ensuring that you get the best values possible!

Factors That Affect Scrap Metal Prices In Sydney

  1. Quality

Not all metals are the same. Even if they’re of one type, they can still be divided into various categories according to quality.

Take copper, for example. It’s one of the most valuable scrap metals in Sydney; however, you will end up making less cash with copper no. 2 compared to bright copper. This is because the former comes with more impurities, such as solder joints, paint, and tar.

It’s recommended that you clean your scrap metals before taking them to your recycler to receive a much better offer.

  1. Amount

This one’s obvious. The more metal you scrap, the higher the price. Avoid going to your recycler with a few hundred kilograms at a time. You might be able to receive a higher offer if you come with at least one truckload of material to sell.

  1. Supply And Demand

Perhaps the most determining factor of scrap metal prices is supply and demand. As with any other product the lower the supply, the higher the demand; hence, the higher the price.

For example, aluminium is considered a very common metal so it only sells for about $1.50 per kilogram. Meanwhile, brass, a slightly rarer material, can be worth up to $5.

  1. Time

As the season changes, the price of scrap metal changes with it. During winter for instance, steel may increase in worth since the weather makes it impossible to access steel mills. On the other hand, metals for construction projects are more in-demand during nicer weather since the industry is much busier.

  1. Location

Scrap metal prices in Sydney are different from scrap metal prices in the United States or even in the UK. Generally, if you live in a city where the cost of doing business is high, prices can become significantly lower.

  1. Price Of New Metals

What happens when new copper becomes more expensive than its recycled counterpart? Chances are, the latter’s price will start to increase as well, especially since companies will want to invest in a cheaper product!

Fortunately, you don’t need to calculate all of these factors by yourself. Scrap metal prices in Sydney is readily available on reliable websites, such as Scrap Metal. You can also check our price list at Metal Force Recycling to see how much you can gain for a few hundred kilograms of copper, aluminium, or steel.

Have some scrap metal to sell? Give us a call at 0403 191 732, or use our online enquiry form to get a quick quote!