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Simple And Cost-Effective Scrap Metal Recycling Methods

Metals aren’t meant to stay at the junkyard forever. These materials have infinite uses, but they must first be processed and recycled to find a new purpose. So if you have a few scraps lying around at home, make sure to call for scrap metal pick-up in Sydney.

Preparing Your Items For Scrap Metal Pick-Up In Sydney

Luckily for you, numerous scrap merchants are willing to buy your metals for great prices. But you’ll need to prepare the scraps for recycling before contacting them. Otherwise, the buyer may refuse to pick them up, and you’ll only be wasting time.

Mentioned-below Are A Few Essential Tips To Remember:

  • Separate Your Scraps

Do you know which of your scraps are steel and which are aluminium? All metals may look the same to the untrained eye, especially if painted a solid colour. So how can you sort them properly?

The fastest way is to use a magnet. Separate your scraps into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. If you don’t have a magnet, you can judge different metals by weight and hardness. Steel is quite heavy and firm, while aluminium is lightweight and easy to bend.

  • Clean The Scrap Metals

You don’t want to go to the recycler with a pile of dusty, oily metals. Clean them as thoroughly as possible, removing lubricants, dirt, and insulation.

Uncontaminated metal will sell for much higher prices. Plus, the recycler can give you a more accurate offer depending on its weight.

How Scrap Metals Are Recycled

What happens to your scraps after they’ve been picked up? If you sent them to a licensed recycler, they would likely undergo the following:

  • Processing

Once your metals reach the scrapyard, they will be sorted professionally to prevent cross-contamination. For instance, some recyclers will use a large magnet while others use spectrometers and electrical currents.

  • Melting And Purifying

The scrap metals will then be cut down into smaller pieces for efficiency. Then, they are melted inside a large furnace, removing impurities. Some metals may undergo additional refinement processes, such as electrolysis, to ensure purity.

  • Solidifying

The molten metal is solidified into different shapes depending on a manufacturer’s request. For example, the most common forms are bars, wires, coils, and sheets. This process also makes the recycled materials easier to transport.

What companies offer free scrap metal pick-up in Sydney? You can’t go wrong with Metal Force Recycling. We can evaluate, weigh, and recycle your metals, including scrap aluminium, copper, brass, and steel.

After picking up your scraps, we’ll pay you on the spot. Our prices are some of the best in Sydney, ranging from $1/kg of aluminium to $11.50 for one kilogram of copper. Just call us at 0403 191 732 and provide your contact details for immediate assistance.